Veruca James

Name Veruca James
Birth Date April 6, 1989
Birth Location Chicago, Illinois
Height 5’2″
Measurments 32C-25-35

Early Life of Veruca James

This sexy, stunning black haired brunette was born on April 6, 1989, in Chicago, Illinois. She is of mixed American and Irish descent. She was the only daughter of the house and was the ideal girl growing up. She spent a normal life growing up and was raised by a single mom. She was the nerdy, bookworm all throughout her school life, and she always aced her classes. She lost her virginity at a drive-in theater she worked for. Her family owned that theater, and she lost it in the back of a Honda Civic. She thought it was exciting to have sex with the fear of being caught. It gave her an adrenaline rush. She studied at an all-girls Catholic school and respected the discipline and the timeliness that being educated in a Catholic school brings to one’s life. She went to college to De Paul University where she got her degree. She is a double masters in Accounting and Finance. She completed her studies while working a part-time job that turned into a full-time job after she graduated.

Veruca was also briefly married to her best friend, but it was just an unhappy marriage, so they split up. She worked in the public sector as a “Certified Public Accountant”. She was fine with her job as she made enough money to keep herself comfortable. But one day she realized that she does not have a life. She has been a good girl all her life, and she didn’t want to anymore. She hated the absurd documentation, impossible deadlines, paperwork. She didn’t have a life outside of work and thought she was wasting her life away. She quit as a CPA and joined a mutual fund company. Because of her professionalism and good work, Veruca was promoted to a manager just within six months of joining, and she had 13 people working for her. She had a better life there, she at least got some time to enjoy, go out to bars. During this time, she was very sexually active; she had a lot of sex with men and women. She befriended a girl who did a scene with, she heard about it and thought it was pretty cool. She got curious as it was a kind of thing that didn’t require you to be there full time; you can just shoot, come back and resume your normal life. She got really curious and found herself filling up an online form for and submitted it along with some tasteful nudes. She received a call a week later with Burning Angel showing interest in her.

She remembers speaking to Joanna Angel on the phone discussing her scene and Joanna asked her if she’d do anal? She said heck yes! She loved anal and the idea of doing it on camera with a professional excited her a lot so just a few weeks later, she was flying down to L.A to shoot her first scene. She came up with her stage name because of her overactive sex drive. She was in college with her boyfriend and wanted to have sex at least twice a day. Her boyfriend would find it very exhausting and said she was like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka, who just wanted her candy. From there Veruca stuck, and James comes from her fiancé James Damon, who is also a part-time porn actor. Growing up, Veruca was always a relationship type girl, she was never the type of girl to have meaningless sex. She had a couple of long-term relationships before entering in Porn Industry. Veruca’s both parents are no longer alive, and the only family she has is he grandmother. She has not told her grandmother about her career as she doesn’t feel comfortable disclosing her career to an 80-year-old. Her grandma thinks she is still a CPA in California.


Her Porn Career

Veruca was super excited for her first scene. Her first scene was shot in May 2011 with Mick Blue. She got really nervous as the director instructed her to tease the guy, and she couldn’t understand how. The idea to seduce and tease a complete stranger was very awkward for her. She was okay with a stranger fucking her but her to actually seduce and entice a stranger with her body was uncomfortable for Veruca. But when they got to the actual fucking, Veruca nailed it or got nailed. She remembers it being such a fun experience, and it gave her a sense of freedom. One of the stylists talked to Spiegler about her, and he agreed to meet with Veruca. She met with him, and he agreed to represent her, that is when Veruca decided to move to California permanently. She is now a proud Spiegler girl. Her favorite costars are James Deen and Erik Everhard.

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Veruca James – The stunning Brunette

Veruca is a sstunninglybeautiful girl who thinks that being in porn has helped her discover herself. She sees it finally having freedom in her life as she previously thought she was chained by invisible chains and couldn’t do anything she wanted to. She loves being fucked in doggie and mish positions. She loves her Hitachi and masturbates when she feel likes. She loves getting Facial Cumshots. Her original favorite is to get a vaginal creampie, but she does not want to do that on-camera. Off camera, she is a normal girl who cleans her apartment, does laundry and enjoys a good book. She loves punk and rock n roll music. She loves watching tv shows and movies. Among her favorites are Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, etc. She can be reached via her Twitter and Instagram.

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