Sasha Grey

Name Sasha Grey
Birth Date March 14, 1988
Birth Location Sacramento, California
Height 5’5″
Measurments 32B-26-31

Sasha Grey – Introduction and Early Life

She is a sexy slut with five ft 5 inches height and weight of 48 kgs. She opened her eyes in this world on March 14, 1988 in Sacramento, California, USA. Her wavy sexy body measures 32B-26-31, which is quite amazing to see when she gets naked. Sasha Grey was born Marina Ann Hentsis and her parents were quite ordinary people. Her father was a mechanic and mother was a housewife and they never knew that after reaching the age of twenty years, their daughter will blow her wild sexuality online. The family was separated when Sasha was only five years old. Sasha and her new father were totally of different approach and due to such mismatch, 16 years old brave girl announced that she was leaving the family. She, along with her mother again went to Sacramento.

Despite of the fact that she faced so many ups and down in her early life, Sasha had been extremely active and participated in all the groups and sections of her education, and she also took acting classes. In 2005, the future sex machine went to Institute and worked as a waitress to save up money. She wanted to go to Los Angeles and already knew that there she would become a porn actress. Even from an early age, Sasha was interested to explore her sexuality and wanted to experience it. She also knew about her acting talent, and there was a point when she decided to combine two of her big dreams together and become a real bomb in the world of erotic pleasures.

Her Porn Career

Sasha Grey’s debut on television screens took place in the year 2009. However cameo in the comic series “James Gunn’s PG Porn” could hardly be remembered by anyone and in this way her first trial was unsuccessful, but the girl was not going to turn away from the intended path. In the same year, she performed the role of the journalist in the low-budget film “deep cuts”. Following this film, she became completely unstoppable till date. Sasha’s has worked in many top hit movies including “What would you do “, “I’m tired of you”, and “Girlfriend.” The last picture, directed by famous director Steven Soderbergh was enthusiastically received by the audience and brought Sasha Grey real success in the porn industry.

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Personal Life and Likes

About Sasha Grey’s personal life, virtually nothing is known. In an interview, she announced that she had a boyfriend, but she is not ready to become a mother. According to Sasha, family values are very important to her, and in the future she will become a model, mother. Surprising all the versatility of her personality, Sasha Grey in 2011 published a book “Sex in a new way”. It is an extensive photo album, revealing the different stages of her work, and behind the scenes in the porn world. In May 2013, she wrote her second book that was an erotic novel called “Society Juliet.”

In addition to filming a movie and working on the books, Sasha Grey, has also worked as a musical performer. She teamed up with Pablo Francis in 2008 and formed a group called «aTelecine». The first performance of the group was held in Krakow. In 2011, their first full-length album appeared in the store, that was titled “The Falcon and the Pod”. In the nearest plans of the band they are about to release two LPs. At the end of June 2011 Sasha Grey starred in the video of Eminem in the song called “Space Bound”. Furthermore, in recent years, Sasha Grey has been appearing on the scene as a DJ.

Sasha Grey – Porn Princess

Sasha Grey is a girl who makes the whole world blush when her name is mentioned. She broke stereotypes and went beyond the limits and introduced the world of adult films in a much brighter way than it is commonly perceived today. She made a name for herself, acting in porn but left the set that proves that she can successfully prove herself outside the bounds of the usual industry. And for that, she is respected too much as a hardworking lady. Sasha Grey is definitely a girl who deserves to be loved and admired due to her dedication and commitment that she has given to the adult entertainment industry. Today, every viewer of the porn and every performer in the porn industry recognise the name of Sasha Grey as one the hottest and most daring girl in the porn industry.

In her 27 years, Sasha has achieved unprecedented success, and has become known in every corner of the world and has built a brilliant career in pornography. This is not just a stunning girl who gets fucked well on camera; she is a real sex symbol of the century, a talented actress, and a wonderful person. Sasha Grey has worked in a lot of block busters. Few of these include; 3’s Not a Crowd (II) in 2013, I Wanna Play With Myself 7 in 2014,Down My Throat in 2015, Before They Were Pornstars 3 in 2015, America’s Got Sweet Ass in 2014, Blowjob Beauties in 2014, Hey It’s Fuck Time in 2013, 69 Scenes: Anal Anal Anal in 2014, Rear Ended in 2015, Best in XXX in 2014, Filthy Shades of Grey: The Best of Sasha Grey in 2013, James Deen Bangs ‘Em All in 2013, Buns of Anarchy in 2014, and Bush Bangers 2 in 2014 among many others. Sasha Grey has worked for giant porn studios including; 3rd Degree, Demolition, Digital Playground, Elegant Angel, Homegrown Video, Legend Video, Pleasure Productions, Tom Byron Pictures, Vivid, Vouyer Media, Wicked Pictures, X Digital Media, and Zero Tolerance.

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