Rocco Siffredi

Name Rocco Siffredi
Birth Date May 4, 1964
Birth Location Ortona, Italy
Height 6’4″

Rocco Siffredi – Introduction

Rocco is one of the most famous contemporary stars. He is charismatic, rich and famous. Being with him in bed is a dream of thousands of women around the world, and men have a lot to learn from him. Any girl who has got the privilege to work with him will say that together they have done things that nobody else ever will do. This was said by one of the female porn stars who worked with Rocco. Rocco was born on May 4, 1964, in Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy. He is known as the famous Italian porn actor-producer, screenwriter, writer, and director. In 1984, he became acquainted with porn in a club where he was invited to star in porn movies. After working few years in the industry, Rocco took a long break.

In 1989, he returned to work with porn actress Teresa Orlowski. Soon he created his own studio “Rocco Siffredi Productions” in Budapest. He became the most influential husband in the porn industry. He prefers a rough style of porn, and he simply likes the tough style. In 1993, Rocco met his future wife, and in 1995 he married Rosa Caracciolo Hungarian (who was also a porn actress in 1993-98). Together with his wife starred in a porno movie “Tarzan.” They have two sons. In 2004, for the sake of his family, Rocco threw his career as an actor and became a full-time producer, but sexual frustration pushed him back in the industry in 2009. In his porn career, Rocco received 40 awards for the best roles behind the scenes. The family of Rocco was not against his return to the profession that brought him worldwide fame. Rocco’s wife, a former “Miss Hungary” Rosa Caracciolo, on this occasion, said: “Five years ago you decided to leave, we did not ask you. So if you decide to come back, just come back”. Despite the occupation of the spouses, the marriage continues to be strong – they have been together for almost 20 years. Rocco and Rosa grow two wonderful boys 17-year-old Lorenzo and 14-year-old Leonardo.

His Porn Career

Rocco served the Navy for 16 years and resigned in 1982, and he moved to Paris to his brother George. At that time, he helped his brother in the restaurant. In 1985, in one of the clubs, he met Gabriel Pontelli one of the most famous porn actors in the early 80s. Rocco liked him, and he opened the door for him to pornography. First, he arranged photo shoots for Rocco in porn magazines and then introduced him to producer Marc Dorcel and director Michel Rico. Thus, he starred in his first porn movie. He soon fell in love with a beautiful English fashion model known as Tina.

After two years, he and Tina broke up, and Rocco decided to pursue a career as a porn actor. “Fantastica Moana” directed by Carlo Rial was his first Italian porn film, but he wanted to act seriously, and, therefore, Rocco decided to go to Hollywood, which he did in 1990. The shooting of the film “Curse of the Catwoman” brought him fame. In 1991, in Las Vegas, he received his first award as best actor for porn film “Buttman’s Workout”. Rocco returned to Italy to continue his successful career. After shooting in several films, John Leslie gave him a role in the film “Chameleon” one of the most successful of his films. In early 1992, he returned to Las Vegas to get a prize like a porn actor “number 3” in the world. In the same year, Rocco won the highest award at a similar competition in Cannes. In 1993, 1995 and 1996, he again won the top awards at these prestigious competitions. In 2004, Rocco decided to part ways with porn career as an actor and started directing and producing. In 2009, the actor again decided to star in a porno and immediately won the AVN award. In 2013, Rocco again received this award in the category of “Best Foreign Actor”. In March 2013, Rocco Siffredi has agreed to become an ambassador of Russian football. This post was offered to him on the air TV program “a header.”

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Some Personal Thoughts of Rocco Siffredi

Rocco had his first sex experience when he was just 13 years. A girl who became his first partner was 27 says the actor. But it was not a full-fledged sex. The first time, after all. Then he realized that in order to learn how to have sex in the normal way and not do anything stupid, he has to work hard. And so it happened because Rocco is still improving in his favorite business. During his career, he starred in more than fifteen hundred films in which he satisfied thousands of women. On an average, he had sex with at least five actresses in his each porn movie. There in his artistic heritage one film in which he appeared with a hundred women. In general, the count exceeds four thousand women, says Rocco.

According to Rocco, he feels women with true essence. If she likes romantic he will be romantic, if she wants it in a tough way, Rocco pounces on her like a wild animal. Sexually, Rocco is the one who gives more than hundred percent in every shot. For Rocco, it is very important to see that a woman is enjoying sex with him. He doesn’t get very intimate with a woman if he feels that she does not care, or she is not satisfied. The size of the breast, ass; blondes, brunettes, age and stuff does not matter for Rocco. The most important thing in a girl, according to his point of view, is sensuality and femininity. Rocco doesn’t like any kind of limitations in sex, and that is the way he has been since the start of his career.

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