Nora Barcelona

Name Nora Barcelona
Birth Date June 19, 1991
Birth Location Barcelona, Spain
Height 5’3″
Measurments 32B-23-35

Nora Barcelona – Introduction

Nora Barcelona is a Spanish girl who was born on June 19, 1991, in Barcelona, Spain. The body of this blonde girl measures 32B-23-35. She has brown eyes that are always in inviting mode. She is among the most beautiful and charming girls in the porn industry today – thanks to her Spanish roots. The girl was born in a family that was passionate about sports. For instance, her father was fond of playing football, and mother was a gym instructor. Keeping in view that same passion for sports, Nora also became fond of different sports at an early age. She used to go with her father to the football stadium, and she loved to watch different guys playing football.

Due to the same reason, it was her passion from an early age to become a footballer. However, there was something else waiting for her in the future, and no one knew that the cute little Nora will become a famous porn star in future. When Nora grew up a little, she became addicted to watching porn movies. She was just twelve years old when she started to learn the secrets of sex. Nora was quite happy exploring new things and she was proud to feel that she has very good knowledge of sex at such an early age.

Nora is a gothic girl with an amazing body, nice face, with not very big boobs but really cute, submissive, promiscuous, exhibitionist, multi-orgasmic, bisexual with a natural curiosity and special hard pinkish nipples. She is one of the most exciting and devilishly wild porn actresses from Spain. This blonde girl with almost fragile and delicate appearance is one of the original sluts that we enjoy watching.

Adult Entertainment Career

Nora kicked off her career at the age of 15 as a dancer; however, she skipped dancing due to her studies. After settling in a new city, Nora didn’t make too many friends, and she used to spend her time alone at home. There was a boy in her neighborhood who introduced the Spanish girl to the pleasures of life. They both became really close and finally they had sex. Afterward, the girl was completely unstoppable as she became addicted to the most amazing pleasure life has to offer. Both of them used to have sex on a daily basis, and they also used to record their sex tapes, just for fun purpose. After some time, Nora was offered to appear in an erotic photo shoot and the girl didn’t waste much time to accept the offer. After all, she was getting a handsome amount of money for this. Nora worked in erotic photo shoots for almost two years, and she excited men around the world with her sexy looks. However, the girl started to feel that this is just the beginning, and she must move a step forward to get more wealth and fame.

In 2012, Nora appeared in her first porn movie which resulted in her exemplary career in the porn industry. Spanish beauty was so comfortable right from her first appearance because this was not something new for her. She was already fond of dicks from her early age, and now she was getting paid for what she likes the best. That was just like a jackpot for the girl who was struggling in her life for fame and money. Today, Nora is recognized as one of the most demanded sluts in the porn industry, and she has performed well in a variety of porn movies so far. The girl has worked for mainstream porn studios and with famous porn stars. She has all the skills that are required to become the number one porn star and the girl is working really hard to achieve this target.

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Personal Thoughts and Life

Nora is very happy to work in this adult entertainment industry. For her, it is a huge and a very interesting adventure, and she is especially pleased with the support that she gets from her fans and family, both. With her loved ones, she tries to spend more time, but unfortunately, it does not always work because of her tight work schedule. Nora loves to take rest when she gets tired of her busy work schedule. She prefers to do it in basking in nature, or she usually goes out with her friends on a pleasant road trip or to clubs and similar places. Spanish girl from Barcelona is always thankful to her friends and family who have always supported her throughout her career. Apart from her professional life, the girl is a private life slut too. She likes to do it inside her bedroom, and she also loves to bathe with her sex partner in her luxurious bath tub. Nora is of the view that sex is an essential part of her everyday life, and she simply cannot resist her sexual needs.

Her little holes are always thirsty and looking for a huge cock to smash her hard. She loves to get fucked by strong muscled guys who can really push her ass hard and wildly. Nora loves to scream when big dicks are trying to penetrate her ass. She says that its a little hard at the very start, but everything turns into a nice pleasure after a couple of moments. Nora has performed in a number of porn genres like anal sex, vaginal sex, interracial, lesbian, double penetration, and others. She is of the view that deep throating scenes are the toughest for her, but she likes it too. Spanish blonde beauty loves to interact with her fans via her Twitter and Instagram.

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