Mona Wales

Name Mona Wales
Birth Date March 14, 1985
Birth Location California, USA
Height 5’9″
Measurments 36B-24-35

Mona Wales – Introduction

The sexy blonde girl Mona Wales does manage to subdue publicly all the curious fans, who try to find out details about her character and life. Even the potential slaves she put down before even considering to meet or contact them. She will present a neat picture of herself as a dominatrix and entertainer, as well as the actress for the kinky movies and shows. That is awesome brand she has managed to build up, barely from nothing, raising into the sky of the adult industry and public sphere of adult entertainment. Sure she knows there are a lot of dirty men and girls out there who want to surrender themselves to her without any privileges. She wants to be the Tamagotchi of Porn!

Kinky Wales for Movies

A true slave would never be able nor allowed to say this aloud, nor write down. Sorry Mona, the filmography needs still many more entries. Now we can just wait for the punishment, from this horny dominating girl, when we go about writing like this. And she has it right, we have no right to say so. She has made a remarkable career in the adult movie industry, producing thrilling and exciting movies for the wide range of web brands and traditional film studios. However her chosen theme and genre requires more, as it is not enough for someone to be passive, but they need to obey actively, pushing themselves down for her. For that matter, she provides clear advice and steps publicly on how to sign up for being her slave.

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The application to be slave

She wants to subdue and disgrace everyone, ensure that she stays on top, from the very beginning, even before she has met or been in any contact at all. For someone to be her slave, the candidate can surely take some steps and guidance, but really, it is completely up to her if the candidate will be accepted, or even considered, or not. Mostly they will, of course, be ignored all, if not sued for an inappropriate approach to her. She has been able to produce that stable and coherent brand online, to claim her authority without exception of any kind. That is an awesome achievement in the adult industry.

For the ten movies publicly listed as recognized performances to her credit in the adult industry is a proof of her dedication and competence, that she has all the skills required to spank the hard and horny cock. The studios and distributors, if not web brands, like Evil Angel,, Joey Silvera Productions, theupperfloor and Dana Vespoli have all shown their obedience to her strong and dominating character. That sets out a good example for all the dominating girls following her footsteps when building up their respective brands and images.

Information is power

She knows that she holds an upper hand with her knowledge. And she would never share her private life or discuss her personal details with anyone that is not appropriate or relevant. No, post coital romantic, intimate moments for this horny girl. She will set the rules, she will build up the knowledge, facts and conceptions on what this all are about. What is the issue and when to worry about. To this extent, she won’t release any of her details, like where she came from, where is she heading to. How old is she? No way! While someone might get upset of her performances, it is good to recall that that is all her image is about. And the slave knows that. She will feed the slave, while the slave at the same time feeds up her, and indeed builds up her identity, because, without the slave, there would be no master. If there was no-one to be tied up, what good would a rope be? As the entire world knew dominating figures, despots, and tyrannies, she knows it too, deep in her heart and that makes her fearless.

She does fear that there would one day appear another sovereign like her. And as she fears that to the death, she must operate and communicate mainly and mostly with the slaves, because that will build up her own self-esteem and identity, even when she knows that while doing so, it will become more and more probable that the other master will come up, take all her slaves away, leaving her with nothing but the videos filmed and movies running. She has been going around this paradox and cycle for some years now, performing and setting up websites, to support her identity structure and the authority in the global cyber space.

Lone wolf

Ultimately to success in any of one’s endeavors, one need to network with equal, lower and higher peers respectively, to ensure the healthy process of social reproduction. Did she do so? Nobody knows. Is she just a lonely wolf? Most probably she is not, though, as when considering her skills and appearance. But still her potential slaves would need to be convinced about this. If the slaves will just obey her and her only, she stays vulnerable. Why does she not set up a whole kingdom and monarchy instead? That way her whole castle of tyranny would be able to subdue a whole range of slaves, rather than stay on the lower level of pushing down individual slaves to obey her rules and show appreciation for her. Wait! Maybe there already is a whole army of dominating ladies with her, joined to run the show. Yet again, we as the slaves, are not privileged to know if there is or not, and that makes her master and slave relation perfect, as there may or may not be, it is up to her, completely and forever.

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