Mischa Brooks

Name Mischa Brooks
Birth Date December 10, 1990
Birth Location Salt Lake City, Utah
Height 5’2″
Measurments 34B-23-35

Mischa Brooks – Introduction and Early Life

Mischa Brooks is an American porn actress born and raised in the Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, was born on December 10, 1990. She is five ft 2 inch tall and weighs around 59 kgs. This blue-eyed brunette has got seducing measurements of 34B-23-35 that are enough to turn anyone wild.

Mischa was born in the family of an Army soldier and the family used to travel a lot due to this. When Mischa was 12 years old, the family moved to Texas from Utah, and afterward, her family skidded on the other end of the world to Japan. Because of the constant relocations she could not finish her studies, and now she is planning to re-enroll in college and she wishes to attend the designer courses.
Mischa Brooks works on a very busy schedule. Her week is painted completely and that within a week, she poured out only in flights and transfers. She designs her work schedule, but she couldn’t find the free time to socialize and relax with friends. Shooting scenes for movies and alternate performances in the Internet shows are organized by one of her model friends. Much of her time is devoted to public events, where the actress is engaged in her own PR, which includes; exhibitions, awarding prizes, and interviews for magazines. No one could ever have imagined that the former cleaning employee, a little over three years, will become a luxury model, a talented writer, and a popular actress with an army of fans.

Her Porn Career

Mischa Brooks used to work in a conventional dry cleaning company when she saw an ad on the Internet for the recruitment of girls for the casting. She immediately dialed the company and posted her ad. She learned that they required the girls who are adults having no experience in the past. At that time, Mischa Brooks was twenty years old, and she decided that she is not the one who is supposed to clean the coats for rich ladies anymore. So, in 2011, the American beauty with Indian roots Mischa Brooks came to the adult film industry.

Her first shooting took place in Los Angeles, and the director liked it so much that he made her an exclusive offer that is rarely seen in a case of new girls in the porn industry. The producer offered her to work in a new film that he was planning to shoot in New Zealand. So, at the beginning of her career, the new actress had a unique experience, an unforgettable experience, and she got good money for her performance on Tropical Island.

Brooks has been in the porn industry since last three years, and while performing as a porn star she discovered her creative talent. She has got some other talents apart from acting in the porn movies. For instance, Mischa Brooks further elaborates ready plots and scripts created by other writers. Directors have often found these as interesting ideas and partially changed the script. Her close friend and popular porn model Bella Reese found out about her abilities and offered to write the story of the girl. After a while, the story was adopted by a famous porn studio Reality Kings, and they starred her together with her friend in this story. Additional monetary gain inspired the actress to the new achievements, and she started scriptwriting on a regular basis along with performing in porn movies. There are dozens of scripts that are written by Mischa Brooks and are highly appreciated by the directors and producers. She is constantly experimenting with the casting for this or that story, explaining what each role requires and things like that. Her friends make fun of her, saying that in old age she will become a boring filmmaker who will be afraid of all the actors. Nevertheless, all admit that she has a talent for screenwriting, and she definitely needs to develop her abilities.

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Personal Life Likes and Goals

Mischa Brooks, in her personal life, is a creative girl who loves thinking, writing, and creating different stories. She is the one who enjoys multitasking. For instance, performing in the porn movies is her passion, writing is her hobby, and creative skills are something that is in her blood. However, becoming a friend of Mischa Brooks is something not easy as this girl is very selective in choosing her friends.

In her spare time, Mischa Brooks likes to read books, and she grasps different ideas. Book reading is something that has been in her blood since an earlier age, and she simply cannot leave this habit of hers, though she gets limited time for this hobby.
Mischa Brooks has planned many things about her future, but she wants to achieve these goals in different phases. For instance, currently, she is pursuing to achieve the title of the top of all female porn stars in the adult industry (though she is among many top stars). To achieve this goal she is working quite hard and is pretty sure that she will achieve this milestone in near future. Secondly, Mischa Brooks has the plan to serve the industry as a full-time scriptwriter once she is done with her acting, but that seems to be not too close.

She is a tough competitor for her co-stars in the industry. Although she is not the one who is jealous but her sexy looks, cute face, well-shaped tits, and bouncy butt are something alarming for her co-stars in the industry. Additionally, she has got the talent to mold her scripts according to her requirements that are also an added advantage for the girl.

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