Mike Angelo

Name Mike Angelo
Birth Date February 15, 1981
Birth Location Nimes, France
Height 5’5″

Mike Angelo – Introduction

One of the most famous male actors in the adult industry, sexy brunette Mike Angelo does bear his French origin where he was born on 15 February 1981. There are many unknown soldiers in the adult industry, men who never get their awards nor publicity for their performances. Surely Mike is not one of those, but he came out in the brave and open manner. He surely will be an example for so many more men to enter the industry, to learn more about what happens and how the stuff is done.

Mike Angelo has been performing in hundreds of movies and has been nominated for tens of awards during his active years since 2006. In fact, he is nearly completing a decade in the adult entertainment industry, and there is no end in the sight of his career. He is handsome, and his performances are solid and confident, yet it has been mixed with his special personal characteristics and witty output, to create the thrilling and interesting mixture of contrasting themes.


The repertoire of his adult movie performance is vast and impressive, he has been performing in the wide range of movies for the top-notch studios in the world, ranging from casting episodes to full-blown gangbang scenarios and fetish titles such as “Cannibal Di Fica Bianca”. Given the vast array of studios he has performed for, to get the better picture of the composition of his filmography, it is good to look at which are the biggest studios he has been working with. The top nine of the studios from the vast majority of the adult film appearance credits, stunning 63% of the whole set are The two studios, Marc Dorcel, and Cruel Media, together with the third, Rocco Media, each bear approximately 12% of his whole set of appearances in the adult film industry.

The list of top studios he has been performing forgives a good indication of his genre choices. Also having Rocco Siffredi Productions in the third place means that there is a good connection between the most famous and powerful actor in the porn industry, Rocco Siffredi, the grand old man and the King of Porn. The other two on the top three are known for the kinky and hard style of action and porn, and that is surely what Mike Angelo likes to have, as he has this natural tendency for rough sex, kinky fucking, and that entire perverse genre.

A male actor with a big cock from the EvilAngel sex multisite

European Influence

For his career, a relevant characteristic is his inclination towards the European influence. Unlike some other girls who have moved to the west coast, to enjoy the flourishing and booming adult industry, and have since abandoned their origins and the particular nature of their local adult scene, Mike Angelo has continued to perform for Dorcel and other studios and distributors considered “foreign” from the American perspective. For that matter, he has even been awarded and won the award, labeled “Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production” in 2013. However, on the other hand, for some reason that is the only award he has won, all the other nominations (and there are plenty of them) have stayed as nominations.

Perhaps that has to do with the classification of his performances as foreign, even when the modern world of adult industry is all but nationally neither structured nor regulated. It makes little to no sense to exclude excellent actors from the important and respected awards, just due to their origin or role in the foreign shot production. For that matter, he has been enjoying the strong influence of Rocco Siffredi and surely knows Rocco’s wingspan and how he took care of Nacho Vidal and maybe so many other actors and actresses to proceed in the somewhat turbulent scenery of adult industry.

The Myth of French Cock

As a native French, Mike Angelo surely knows the myth around the size of the dicks in French compared to other nationalities. Whether there is any thought to the matter, the sure thing is that the French genre and style of porn has its distinctive characteristic and style. And he truly is aware of how that style is and how it is done and as such could be labeled, if not awarded, as the ambassador of Porn to the American adult industry. That would be beneficial for the US markets, and indeed for the whole industry, since always mixing the genres and themes will incur the potential for new and thrilling contrasting narratives and products.

When you consider for example some of the most successful stories and phenomena, most of the heroes and most fruitful actors, artists, and other devoted people, usually in their character and life story are multiple contrasting themes twisting around themselves interestingly. This strange combination of sweet and sour will surely contribute to the emergence of awesome new phenomena and conceptions.

Rising from the stage

Mike Angelo has also shown his talent as a director for the adult industry. In 2010, Mike Adriano Media released the title “Filthy Anal Girls: POV+”, which was directed by Mike Angelo himself. In that movie, the stage was full of thrilling action, scene after scene. In an exciting combination of threesome and oral action, topped up with cum swapping and horny episodes where hard cocks were taken directly for the blow-job right after sexy anal fucking. He clearly showed that he can direct the professional cast through the sexy and famous facial episodes completing the horny hardcore sex and fucking. Good Luck Mike Angelo, in all the endeavors in acting and directing, and indeed in the efforts to combine contrasting themes into one single coherent expression.

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