Mia Khalifa

Name Mia Khalifa
Birth Date February 10, 1993
Birth Location Beirut, Lebanon
Height 5’2″
Measurments 34DD-26-40

Mia Khalifa – Introduction

Mia Khalifa is a porn star having Lebanese blood in her veins. She was just 10 years old when her family moved to the United States, and since then, Mia did not leave this land of opportunities. She entered the University of Texas, and at the age of 21 years, she actively pursued an acting career in the adult entertainment industry to earn a living. Now the actress lives in Miami. She has a tattoo on her tanned body, where she has written the first lines of the Lebanese national anthem, which caused a huge scandal and the cause of the disturbance of the Muslim inhabitants of the country. Mia constantly receives angry letters with accusations that she is a disgrace to Lebanon. She created a stir in the porn industry with the controversy. If you are not familiar with the daring beauty Mia Khalifa, then you should immediately rectify it, because she is not only incredibly sexy and catchy but very brave, because she was able to break the rules of the country where she took birth.

She was born in Lebanon, one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East, which, however, is a very strong authority of religion. In 2000, she and her family moved to the United States and settled in Maryland. After graduating from university, cutie worked at a local fast food restaurant, where she was offered to try herself in pornography. A visitor once came to her and offered a job in the field of adult entertainment. Despite her origins and religious family, cutie agreed without hesitation, and in the same year starred in her first video. Her appearance in the porn industry caused an uproar on the Internet. On the one hand, in an incredibly short period of time, she became wildly popular: half a million views for the aspiring actress which itself is an amazing indicator. A couple of months after, she became the most popular star of the site ‘PornHub’ and took the place of an experienced and famous porn star Lisa Ann, who recently left the porn industry. However, on the other hand, such a demand for beauty turned a complete rupture of relations with the family and the terrible harassment by the citizens of Arab countries, who argued that the Khalifa dishonors Lebanon.

Until now, she has received hundreds of insults and threats on social networks. However, such resonance only fueled the public interest, and in this way, she got a very good start. She attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans who admire her and her acting skills, fascinated by her bed skills. Desperate Mia is not embarrassed by her decision to join the adult entertainment industry and she is gaining more and more popularity. Yet in 2011 she married an American and now lives in Miami, working with well-known studios.

Her Career and Personal Life

Mia’s critics say that she is a disgrace to Lebanon, as she is not only performing in the porn industry but also due to the fact that she has a tattoo on her naked body which shows the words of the Lebanese national anthem, as well as a symbol of Lebanese conservative religious party. However, Mia feels sorry about her parents who were drawn into the debate in the newspapers, magazines and social networks due to her porn career. She says that her parents are very conservative people and that’s what hurts her when people point out to them instead Mia.

Mia had already become one of the most searched actresses on the popular pornographic website pornhub.com. According to the Lebanese people, the locals are upset and offended by her work, especially because she often stresses her Lebanese descent on Twitter and Instagram.

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Mia Khalifa – Lebanese Hottie

Recently, Mia Khalifa was able to get on the top of internet search on porn website pornhub.com where she defeated Lisa Ann who is one of the most glamorous and famous porn stars. This shows her talent and skills which resulted in such popularity in such a short period of time. Mia Khalifa believes that she has to go a long way in the adult entertainment industry and she simply doesn’t care about what people say about her. All she cares about is her career and the excitement of her fans around the globe. She believes that everyone has the right to live with independence and freedom to decide the career path and when she has decided a path for herself then it must be not a point to worry about others.

Mia Khalifa has an incredibly passionate and sexy pussy. She fearlessly bares it all on the set, she has no qualms in any role, and she loves to show her real class. Eastern origin gives her amazing looks and originality that makes her more bright and memorable. However, this cute brunette does not only have a beautiful face but also she has beautiful breasts, which, of course, are her its main pride and helped her a lot to get to the top of glory. This Lebanese girl skillfully uses her beauty and sexual ability during her porn movies to entertain the viewers. Mia is so depraved that she is able to satisfy even the most conservative audience and it’s something in her from her early age. At the moment, talented and sex appealing actress has gained much fame, however, it is not the limit. She has just started and she is still there to surprise and excite her fans around the globe with her stunning performances.

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