Mea Melone

Name Mea Melone
Birth Date May 17, 1989
Birth Location Czech Republic
Height 5’4″
Measurments 34B-24-35

Mea Melone – Introduction

Mea Melone is a Czech porn actress born on 17th of May in 1989. She started her adult industry career in 2012 at the age of 23 years. Until today, she has been recorded performing in at least 60 adult movie titles for a diverse set of studios and distributors across the broad range of adult industry. She is promoted by numerous acknowledged and respected web brands.

The Melone Challenge for gents

She is so taken by the casting series and all the fame that she also get out from that so that she had declared her own reality game, Mea Melone Challenge. That offers the boys and men, all from the street or wherever to have 30 minutes with her, to prove what they can do. Really!? How long queue she has, one could as, and how does she finance all that fun, that might be the consecutive thing to wonder about. Here is the catch, like the Woodman castings were, these are also done with the camera turned on. Anyone? Boom, all the men, are suddenly gone. No Queue. Nada. She had run her business sometimes, and there are applicants as well as castings available. The thing is, that even when the concept might sound like a favorable one, or easy to repeat, it actually takes a lot of effort, knowledge, and network to run it successfully. Otherwise, there is no-one to cast with, and those available are trying to get the camera operator into the court.

Frome EvilAngel, another sexy porn model

Impressive filmography

Mea Melone has been recorded to perform in around 60 adult movie titles. She started her career as adult movie actor around 2012 and is still counting — or better still fucking. Her movie appearances over the years have been produced by different studios and distributed by the wide range of distributors. She has been working with world’s best known American distributors and studios, like Rocco Siffredi and Woodman. However due to her continental origin, her peers also include less known studios across the broad range of offices working in the adult industry area. Apparently she has been accepted to as partner and service provider for many of them, indicating that there really is something to it.

When she performs for the adult movie industry, she can naturally use her stunning beauty and diligent character. In fact, her filmography starts with the stunning amount of six bisexually oriented movie titles, “Bi curious couples”, “Bi Now Gay Later” etc. She has clearly some unique flavor in her performances. She knows what the contemporary audience is looking for, and what are the unique genres the modern studios are expecting, and she has evidently decided to devote herself for the best of the best titles, and specifically for the modern cocktails of genres, where the bulk vanilla sex has been topped up with spices like lesbian, bi-sexual and more often than less, the orgies and gangbangs. Especially the gangbang scenes, where many men are there fucking few or just one woman, are to some extent one modern such spice to be added to the casual range of one-on-one sessions filmed in various locations, positions and characters. This genre brings up enough enjoyment for the ladies, as they get to enjoy the sight of multiple hunks and indeed the beautiful majestic dicks cumming out fresh thick white spunk over and over again. This is something many girls dream about, but at the home, they have no means to realize that dream, and often even the size of the cock at home does not impress every day.

Analist for the industry

Another serious and important topic and spice to the current range of adult industry genres is the controversial anal setting, the penetration to the tight ass, along and usually with another man fucking the cunt at the same time. This is the famous sandwich combination, which some women consider difficult physically to achieve, and indeed it requires some preparation. However, many girls have told that they really enjoy the feeling of two hard cocks pushing into both of the holes at the same time. The feeling of huge hard cock pushing into the tight and wet cunt must be excellent, when at the same time another one is tightly penetrated into the innocent and horny anal hole. The men also become happy and excited, as occasionally they feel the other cock pushing deep on the next door. Some girls prefer to fantasize about the third cock too, something to play with in their mouth at the same time. These girls might want that in order to express their horniness, or just keep the mouth shut for and during the hard excitement they encounter, under the influence of the two cocks and all that rejoicing happy feeling that they get from that horny sandwich.

Her filmography also contains a wide range of anal and gangbang scenes, so she may be into that genre more than what is known about. Her appearance with Rocco too implies that she might have been well trained for the niche scenes. Believe it or not, one of her titles also does bear the name of “Pissing in Action: Natural Born Pissers.” Where the anal penetration does divide the people heavily, some opposing and some actually working towards it over and over again, so does the scene of the golden shower too. There might even be more unbalanced distribution of people for the watery games than what there are those who oppose it actively, or at least don’t want to involve themselves anywhere near that warm and lovely golden shower of pissing for love. However also there is something to it, and many people say that once they get over some early hindrances and learn more about how it feels, they really have loved that and want to get more and more experience in that specific field.

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