Max Scar

Name Max Scar
Birth Date February 15, 1983
Birth Location Foggia, Italy

Max Scar – Introduction

The sexy brunette man Max Scar was born on 15 February 1983, in Foggia, Italy. He started his career in adult industry in 2008 and had been performing for the various studios around one hundred titles and shows. He had even been directing scenes some years ago. Who is Max Scar? What do we know about him and what can we think where he might be going to and what are his ambitions and goals? Many male performers in the adult industry are rather quiet about their public image.

Even in some semi-amateur settings, they rather want to stay under a mask or just show the relevant parts of the body necessary for the show, happy ending and the satisfaction of the ladies. Traditionally the only men actors going widely and openly in public have been she-males, transsexuals, and ladyboys, or just pure gay actors.


Since his official start on the windy path along the adult industry actor, he has already appeared nearly one hundred titles (72 to be exact as we know today). However, when counting all the unofficial and unpublished ones, that number will probably rise to hundreds. In the world of adult entertainment industry where sadly females dominate, though the sex is not even possible if not for male talent for some odd reason sadly prime focus is the girl. The male talent is just used for his cock and often you don’t even see the male talent during the action just his dick. You can judge that by the number of men in the industry. The themes and his roles in the movies are diverse, yet the transsexual, she-males, cocks and cum play a remarkable role.

However, in her portfolio, there are also titles involving traditional and casual encounters with female actors. For some reason, though the ladies in these titles are rather old, maybe it is also Max Scars preference, but Remarkable is also that the title of the series is “Hot 40+”. That is a series released by the studio “Channel 69”. In addition to typical transsexual, shemale shows, and the mature category, he also has some cross-generation titles, implying his devotion to the kinky and niche performance.

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Kinky Max Scar

His sexual performance and still the movie curriculum and portfolio bear those particular characteristics of kinkiness to it. Indeed, he has appearances in over two main kinky web brands like and respectively. It may very well be, that as powerful and generous Max Scar is, he would trigger the similar revolution in the porn industry as Rocco Siffredi did, by popularizing the transsexual kinkiness. If that happened, the masses consuming the mainstream vanilla adult entertainment would become more aware of the kinkiness and at the same time the kinkiness would get normalized, moved from the closed bedrooms all the way to the living room, for all to enjoy and benefit those who get the most out of it.

It remains to be seen what will Max Scar be doing with all that sexy kinky performances, will he leave it in the private domain, somewhat niche, or is he brave and the man enough to go out and change the masses? As he has also directed two movies distributed under not so well known brand Moonlight Video, and also grounded a whole concept of “Academy”, one might conclude that things were in fact moving, if not directly, at last indirectly towards that direction and goal.

European Porn Academy

As Noemi Blonde declares on a YouTube video ( “I support European Porn Academy,” it is time to ask what academy? What has the Max Scar, the Director of the Academy, come up with? While the whole concept remains a mystery, declared three years ago, it may be found to be just a step in the process in his career, an idea or oddity in his social surroundings, it surely is an indication of his ambition and wittiness of the group. Coming out with this kind of initiatives, whether realized or not, is an important part of the identity building of modern adult industry actors. And when doing that, he falls in the same category with other fellow entrepreneur souls like Nataly Gold and Proxy Paige for example.

For the bright future

What will happen as sexy Max Scar goes along his chosen path of adult kinky industry, the remarkable world of transsexual beauty and love, will only be seen as the time passes, and the world will see his contribution to growth and develop. His audience and indeed the whole industry is surely eagerly waiting to get on to experience all the witty and exciting stuff he as planned in his mind. All his plans for the European Porn Academy might become reality together with his colleagues and all the people wanting to learn more about the exciting and thrilling world of adult entertainment industry.

He has clearly identified himself and his horny action and also developed a stable audience and role among the other actors in the same genre and around the borderlines of his sexy, attracting attention. Surely the vast amount of girls and she-males he has been performing with is happy and glad to join him, whichever direction he decides to take on, to lead the ladyboys to the limelight of adult industry and also to get the people personally to learn more of their private sexual ambitions and skills. What an excellent contribution, Max Scar, to the world of porn and sex!

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