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Name Mark Frenchy
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Measurments 7’0″

Mark Frenchy (aka Mark Galifiore)

Mark Frenchy is one of the stage names for the actor Mark Galifiore, who have been active in the adult movie industry for some good ten years now. The kinky male Mark Frenchy has his foreskin cut away, and the pretty length of 7 inches of hot hard dick. These are good qualities for the adult industry, even when the construction of the public image of adult male performers is somewhat a new issue. He performed in “Bi Accidents” movie from 2007, and surely a lot more has been released and are to cum soon.


He, the Mark Galifiore, or Frenchy, as you like, has more than 200 appearances to his credit, for the wide range of studios and genres. His genres are a stable mixture of straight episodes and gay and bi encounters respectively. And for the stunning stud like him, surely, all that matters is the quality of the performance and not the specific details who does what. The professional actors all want to go about loving each other and supporting the careers. Some of them love to suck cock; others get happy when their asshole gets full of fresh yummy spunk.

The top four studios for his performances also include Bacchus Releasing, White Ghetto, and Ultima Entertainment. He has clearly chosen the specific and distinctive style in acting, with all that gay and bi sex together and mixed with episodes in the world-class straight movies. And like Morgan Lee, he has that special kinkiness to his performance. The tiles “Mothers Teaching Daughters How To Suck Cock” are a good fit to the category of his performance. And not to forget the famous “My New White Stepdaddy”! These witty titles give the impression that Mark is also a good lover since the sexiness he is associated with is neither boring nor vanilla.

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Kinky Mark

His appearance on the Kinky sex web brands links is just right for Mark Frenchy, as then he can go about in public and find all the other dirty sluts out there. He has surely networked himself with all the relevant kinky people out there, to work together to introduce more and more kinky and witty dirty episodes to the mainstream adult movie industry production. Did he already work with Rocco? If not, he should to at the first instance to meet him, hear all the stories around his start of the career and take a lesson on how to introduce the new and sexy to stay in the world, where the establishment and stable institutions rather try to push it away. He loves to go about with she-males and the ladyboys, at least when considering the titles of his movies. There is nothing sexier than “Bi-Partisan” or “Bound for Glory”. Or how about “Dads Doing Dads”? Anyone?

Mark and the websites

He is very stable there, and just want to do his work and let the sexy kinky stuff live long in this sexy world that has been hijacked by the militia, stubborn and too serious to fuck the cunt and ass people. Mark expands his empire in the cyber-world, to claim his authority and position as the caliphate of Kinky and Sexy. He does not dominate, but he will set the tone for ladyboys, transsexuals, and all that kinky stuff to be integrated into the mainstream adult movie industry.

Mark represents the new generation of guys who won’t any more fear of sticking their cock into tight ass. The boys love to express their sexuality and be proud of the huge hard cocks. Mark does not hesitate to hug the world famous ladyboy on the couch, as he feels his cock getting deep into his tight male-cunt. For him, like for all the modern boys and girls, the most important thing is the person and understanding, love and compassion that can and may be expressed among the people despite their physical sexuality.

For the future of cock and cum

Mark Galifiore will surely be one of the hallmarks in the annals of the adult industry. He might be the one to show the world how the men really fuck, and what the girls truly like about fucking. As he gets on integrating and gets accepted into the mainstream porn industry, he surely can convince all the producers and actors, and indeed writers to start on considering the previously niche subject, excluded and embarrassing, to transform into a new topic of modern sexual performance. Where the masculine spunk and horny cock meet each other, and where the pussies are raised from being merely cunts for the cocks, there Mark Galifiore will be the leading figure to follow. He has been there already and done all that, so he knows how to convince the world to turn around and change for the better one. To accept all the minorities and strange occurrences.

Where did Mark grow up from? How old is he and how are his friends and who enemies? What kind of struggles he had to go through before? There are all the relevant questions that his audience, fans and indeed studios and writers might want to know and hear about. Only the time will show when is his time to open up and reveal what is he made of. For that he will need many friends, a good network for fun, and all the sexy actors and lovers, with hard cocks and man-cunt, taking care of his horny sex loving cock, and giving him the energy to overcome all the annoying obstacles in life. Surely he has the required skills and competencies, and a good set of experience to get on achieving and reaching out to the next level. Cheers Mark!

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