Marina Angel

Name Marina Angel
Birth Date September 10, 1995
Birth Location Miami, Florida
Height 5’3″
Measurments 32B-25-36

Marina Angel – Introduction

Stunning beauty from Miami, Florida, the US, born on 10 September 1995 is the contemporary porn star to represent her whole generation. She knows her captivating appearance does appeal to the men around the world and across the genres, and she is proud and happy as a girl to take the lead and bring about happiness for all. She knows that she has the crucial role in doing that and ensuring that the peace will stay in the world. As a beautiful girl, she ensures the happiness of the whole range of generation, bringing about hope to the despair.

Exciting Movies

She has been performing for the wide range of studios and brands, such as Reality Kings, Bang Bros, Zero Tolerance, Nubile Films and Private, just to name the few. However for some of the studios, namely Joey Silvera Productions, Lethal Hardcore, Team Skeet and Zero Tolerance she had delivered two or more appearances in their respective titles. In her movies the themes go typically around playing with cum and girls, even as she does not advertise any specific genre as such, her stunning outlook and generation will naturally set out some guidelines for the genres related to her movie appearances.

Professional performance

Some of her colleagues are appearing in public social media and being open about their personal preferences and characteristics. For Marina, the case is not so much so, as she seems rather withdraw under her appearances on the stage and for the camera. However, for sure, there would be a huge crowd of people interested in getting to know her better and in more depth. Her Twitter profile neither is as fresh and innocent as herself, not revealing much of the details nor provides the surface for interaction. This all is most probably due to her fresh entrance into the profession. However considering the number of films she has been performing for, she does surpass many of her colleagues and could be considered to be more mature professional than the just nubile entree.

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World full of options and obstacles

For her generation, who was born at the dawn of new millennia, the world is full of options open to be explored and the avenues to travel along. However, it remains unknown to the wider public what is her personal history and ambition for the adult industry. Unlike Paisley Parker has been publicly noting about her personal revolution to break out from the conservative circles of all the way to the complete horny madness of the adult industry in the west coast of LA, California, she does not much reveal of her secret past. Maybe that is due to her personal attitude to devotion for the professionalism and dedication for the films rather than aiming to build up her cyber-brand. However, one might want to explore what are her immediate peers in that process since perhaps she would respond differently from Paisley Parker regarding her ambitions and her career choices.

Themes and variations

Even though she does not seem to express a distinctive choice in her theme selection, the portfolio of her porn acting, her specific generations puts some natural choices there. As expected many of her movie acts are related to cum shots, anal, and other contemporarily appreciated scenes. And surely her body will only make the scenes more fresh and appealing. She won’t even seem to stay away from the horny and spicy A2M swallowing scene, which might scare off some of more conservative or inexperienced staff. As suitable for her generation are also various girl scenes as her body clearly inhibits that specific touch of sin and energy. She is lucky to be able to enjoy the change Rocco Siffredi largely put onwards in the adult industry, inhibiting the roughness and the anal scenes with the girls across the generations.

Surely as she gains more experience and awards, she might grow to become the next superstar director or writer for the generations to come. In those plots she could maybe tell her story, like Paisley Parker, went on explaining that she wanted to express her story on the girls breaking through the social barriers and the social locks around the conservative world, she might carry similar stories and experiences to be shared with wider audience. These experiences and struggles could very well contribute to her imagination and creativity regarding the transformation from the bare act of sex to the creative side of writing and directing.

Awards and pots

Due to her early stage in her career path, or maybe because she has had the opportunity and pleasure to concentrate on movie productions, she has been nominated for two awards this year 2015. One of those awards was regarding her girl to girl scene last year, whereas the other was a general “Cutest Newcomer” award. Based on her cute appearance and the extent to which she has performed in the movies, one could only assume and expect that many more nominations for various awards will follow for sure. Some and hopefully many of those nominations will steadily convert into winnings one after another.

However, for her successive flow of awards, it might become necessary to increase her level of presence in the social media and opening up her public image from merely barbie doll figure to full-blown cocksucker in real life. That is what the audience loves, and what might invite her to rise to the top of the hill, and not only on top of the horny and hard cock. In any case, she is, as the status as nominee for the award bearing the same name, a promising, cute and awesome newcomer who surely will meet all her options wide open like the best pussies she loves. She just needs to push her tongue out, and lick that opportunity, in the same way, she licks the pussy in her best lesbian scene.

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