Madison Ivy

Name Madison Ivy
Birth Date June 14, 1989
Birth Location Munich, Germany
Height 4’11”
Measurments 32D-24-32

Madison Ivy – Introduction

Wonderful blonde girl Madison Ivy was born in the year 1989 on June 14. Thus, her star sign is Gemini, for those curious minds around these matters. She was born in Germany, Europe, but she was raised in the famous lower middle earth of the United States of America, Texas. That part of the country is well known for the pretty beauties, and all that serious horniness that it brings along. Surely she got her decent amount of the experience and influence from that country of love and compassion.

However, her major influence started as she moved on to Sacramento, California, at her early adult years. And that is where she finally got into the business and all that horny show went on, for her benefit and the success of the studios and indeed the rejoicing and happy smile on the faces of all the customers and audience.

Under the wings of Aurora Snow

Madison Ivy is one of those rather uncommon porn stars who openly express about the people that influenced her career. All of the stars are produced with the support and collaboration of the existing influencers as well as during the dynamics between the audience and wider community and the potential candidate. For Madison Ivy, it has been noted to be Aurora Snow, who took her under her wings at the early times in her career, so that she could get in contact with relevant persons and get her Kickstart in the business.

Aurora Snow was eight years older than Madison, so she was a good guide for her to get along the muddy path towards her exclusive and remarkable contribution to the adult industry. Stunning list of hundreds of movie titles from 2008 onwards written to the annals of porn, refer to her as an actress. Despite getting all this success, Madison is down to earth and humble and gives all the credit of her success to her mentor Aurora Snow. The porn industry love this girl’s attitude and surely all the male actors who have been performing with her, recall her attractive appearance and good witty character.

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Bridge to the continent

As the American identity has always been in that interesting and exciting combination to the continental counterpart, so are the things in the adult industry too. Madison Ivy is however in the position to contribute to the Californian adult industry with her exclusive and special legacy. Even when she was raised in Texas, US, she has that special flavor and connection deep in her that might become more and more valuable for her when the times are right.

Taking for example the famous Proxy Paige has been noted emigrating to the horny and sexy city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where all the red lights get on blinking all the way through the night, so could Madison Ivy act as bridge builder between Sin City of LA, USA and the horny nest of Budapest, Hungary, for example. Two the quite opposite poles, like in the life of Madison Ivy, could join the mutual agreement, to create the tasty and fruitful soup of sex, love and porn.

Just about 20 movies a year

Her stunning record of movie appearances, counting in hundreds, if not thousands to include all the unofficial and unpublished titles, gives a good estimation on her career plans. She has been performing for the top-notch studios and brands in the world, as one of the most recent titles published this year “Office Booty” for Brazzers.

However the list of studios and distributors she has been working with and for is extensive and it includes well-known brands such as Hustler, Digital Sin, New Sensations, Wicked Pictures, etc., to name few of them. However notable is, that all of the studios and distributors are rather geographically located or based on the American soil. However some of the web brands might try to break this tendency, but usually they collaborate with the underlying studios and distributors.

Thus what one could expect, or why not advice, for the future career of Madison Ivy was to bring about some diversity to the portfolio. As Proxy Paige goes on with her endeavor in Amsterdam, gaining the highly invaluable presence, experience, and records overseas, what could happen for Madison if her portfolio remains limited in that sense. Could that still be expected to be able to respond to the needs of increasingly globalized adult industry spanning across the national borders and identities.

Awards and nominations

While she is a world known for her exclusive favorite fucking position, her legs twisted all the way to the back of her head, pushing her pretty pussy wide open for the sexy men to push deep and good, she barely has got an award for that special performance. However, she has been reported to be also working as yoga mentor, which might indicate that there would be the good amount of girls appearing, trained to do the same and other positions that require a bit more effort than just pulling a dick in mouth.

She has already been collecting a decent amount of nominations to the world knows awards in the industry, and even won at least two of them in 2013 and 2014 respectively. For AVN and XBIZ, she has been the nominee for six times, but apparently is still waiting for her first AVN award.

Maybe she should join with her reported girlfriend Heather Starlet, to travel around the world, to bring about some new touch to her performance, so that she would enforce her distinctive appearance among the masses of adult movie productions, and increase the conversion rate from nominee to the actual winner of the show.

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