Lucia Love

Name Lucia Love
Birth Date December 25, 1985
Birth Location Leeds, England
Height 5’5″
Measurments 34B-24-36

Lucia Love – Introduction

An amazing woman, a true English woman, Lucia Love was born in Leeds, the United Kingdom on December 25, 1985. Lucia belongs to Caucasian ethnicity, and there is the burning sexual energy from England running through her veins, which covers a powerful wave of excitement not only in Lucia but also her partners on the set. In addition, she creates a great thrill for her fans who always love to catch her every move, and every day her fans are looking forward to new candid photos and stunning videos of this English slut. This black-haired girl has the considerable height of 5 feet and 5 inches, and her weight is 132 lbs. Her sexy wavy body measures 34B-24-36, which is simply lovely to watch she takes her clothes off. The girl from Leeds is among those sluts who joined the porn industry to enjoy sex as much as possible. In her opinion, she considers it her best day in which she gets fucked multiple times, and she loves it a lot.

She always wanted to become a slut, and some of her erotic fantasies are pretty atypical and unbelievable. That’s why she got into the movies for adults as she was always ready for this. Lucia has a passionate craving for sex, and she loves to be ill-treated while getting fucked. So often she appears in the frame along with whips, collars, and other attributes of BDSM-format. One can say that Lucia is a perfect model for BDSM format of porn. She is not just playing greatly in BDSM, but she is madly enjoying the process. To make herself more eye-catching, she goes for it in a rough way, for example acting in scenes of double penetration, deep anal sex or fisting. Lucia knows a lot about the erotic pleasures and does not hesitate to use her skills in the frame.

Adult Entertainment Industry Career

Lucia started acting in films for adults in 2013, but she already had proved herself as a good slut in some circles. When she began her career, Lucia was already 27 years old but doesn’t look a day over nineteen. Sometimes, she attracts the opposite gender with her sexy appearance, and that is not at all a problem for her due to her fourth size natural breasts, pretty face, a pretty slender figure, and an insatiable ass. So with the growth of professionalism, Lucia is growing more attractive each day. It is worth noting that this girl has a lot of sexual insatiability. This could be realized by the fact that just for fun, Lucia laid down in the bed with fifteen men. That’s the real thirst for fucking! She easily lets two sex partners to dig her both holes that not only increases her feelings but is also very much appreciated by the viewers of hardcore porn. Cute, smiling and happy in life, she is passionate and catchy in bed.

As soon as the actress gets to the set, she immediately transforms into a wild and playful cat that behaves insanely confident and sexy from the first to the very last second. That is why she has been successful in making hundreds and thousands of fans, not only in England or Europe but throughout the world, thanks to the Internet because of the popularity of such sexual depraved girls with undoubted acting talent is spreading rapidly across the continent. And everyone wants to look at her and to see at least one video with the participation of this adorable girl. This adorable girl loves everything about porn and just loves her job. She can be seen in almost all genres of films for adults and just in a few years in the porn industry, Lucia has learned so much. She boldly substitutes sweet rolls and costars with a cocky smile on her lips that enables them to penetrate into the depths of her narrow vent. She can be seen with two men at once, and it is worth watching that how cleverly she controls two members at once. She does it sometimes with her hands, mouth, and holes, often both at the same time. She is just as good and gentle in lesbian scenes with her companion, and Lucia loves to demonstrate the ability of her luxurious, playful tongue.

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Lucia Love in Private Life

Lucia Love is very open to communicating with her army of fans. She regularly talks about all of her work on social networks, not forgetting to add all savory comments and telling us how she was previously and what a pleasure she has received after joining the adult industry. Lucia Love still recalls when she used her fingers to explore her pussy for the very first time. She enjoyed the process so much that she could not break away, repeating it over and over again, using the new device, and then began to attract her female friends and a little after, she started to prey boys to fulfill her lust for sex. This British whore is just obsessed with everything related to the topic of sex and does not lose any opportunity to learn something new or to try and conduct the most severe experiments. Lucia is so careful about her superb body which she always keeps well maintained.

These rounded and feminine shapes, seductive curves, and fine lines cause vibration in dicks and do not allow to break away for a second. Lucia has delightful large breasts that just look classy. Elastic, standing balls want to be kneaded and caressed, and her nipples get hard when someone touches them, and she always wants her nipples to be played with a tongue. Her tender pussy also causes an irresistible urge in men around the world, because it is always opened, thirsty and shines from moisture.

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