Kayla Kayden

Name Kayla Kayden
Birth Date September 06, 1988
Birth Location Syracuse, New York
Height 5’2″
Measurments 32DD-25-34

Kayla Kayden – Introduction

Kayla Kayden is one of the most burning beauties in the porn industry who was born on September 6, 1988, in New York, United States. Kayla is a blonde girl with a height of 5 ft. 2 inches and she weighs almost 100 kgs. The girl from Syracuse, New York has got the impressive body that measures 32DD-25-34. As an important point to mention, Kayla has a sister named Kendall, who is also a porn actress. Kayla has pierced her belly button, and she has a tattoo just above her shaky ass. She loves tattoos but she does not want to get a lot of those as it can limit her roles in the industry. The girl from New York is lovely to watch when she gets naughty and nude. Despite her fresh entry in the adult entertainment industry, Kayla has engaged a large number of fans who have this sexy butt lady on their wish list.

Career in Adult Entertainment Industry

It all began when this chick started showing her capabilities even in 2011, but then she started performing in solo pictures, or with other girls in lesbian orgies. But after a while, Kayla felt that it was not enough, and she must expand her roots to other genres of porn to compete with other female porn stars. In 2014, Kayla started to appear in porn videos with men, performing hardcore scenes in an extremely exciting manner, and that proved to be the true representation of her porn skills.

The lady is very professional and comes with any task very ably on the set. And if we take into account the enormous charm of beauty, or rather her DD cup sized boob, she is a real sex bomb. Kayla is an American porn model and charming girl who is always looking for perfection. This gorgeous blonde has a slender figure and beautiful tits. Although she came into the porn industry quite late as compared to other female porn actresses, the girl took it as a challenge and proved her expertise in sex. Interestingly, her sister also works as a model in the porn industry that also helped her to get familiar with the porn environment quite soon. Kayla is a very beautiful girl and has an incredible mesmerizing gaze and her prospects for the porn business are evaluated very highly. Despite the fact that Kayla has acquired a large army of fans, she also has detractors. These are people who see her as a serious rival to their idols. They are always looking for things to pinpoint to defame her publically. However, Kayla doesn’t really care about such critics as she knows that her only guarantee for success is her hard work. Neither the actress bothers to respond to such critical statements. She does not want to make excuses for trumped-up charges. The majority of critics and audiences agree that this girl suits the definition of perfection.

Most of her scenes are so sound and detailed that social forums are filled with comments saying watching porn videos with her participation are the best remedy for sex freaks. All agreed with such opinions that her movies are something incredibly exciting. Some fans wrote that they no longer watch films of other porn stars because they’re incredibly boring compared to what this blonde girl brings to her movies. It was an adequate response to the envious people. Kayla has entertained the porn lovers in a number of ways through her porn movies. The porn actress is of the view that her hard work pays off when she gets positive remarks from her fans that motivate her to do next scene with more perfection. Among her famous porn movies so far include Brazzers House 5 is one of her latest releases in 2015 that was filmed by gigantic porn company Brazzers Network in collaboration with ZZ Series, Thunder Tits is also her latest release in 2015 that was produced by pornprosnetwork.com in collaboration with realexgirlfriends.com, You Need To Learn in 2015 by Brazzers Network in collaboration with hotandmean.com, Christmas Gangbang is among her last year releases in 2014 by famous company Hustler Video, and I know You Like It was also her debut year release in 2014 by whengirlsplay.com.

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Private Life and Thoughts of the Porn Actress

Fashion is one of the major interests of the porn actress, and it is for this reason that the actress has a close likeness for several important designers like Donatella Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani and the late Alexander McQueen. Kayla acknowledged that she was fond of buying random costumes and adapting different hairstyles. Her love of fashion came from her mother who always used to be well maintained and looked beautiful. Kayla mentioned that her favorite food is Italian, especially lasagna and has also said she is an extremely traditional person when it comes to family, and that’s why she is very close to her parents, sister and grandparents, and husband. In addition, she also enjoys exercising, and that is why she enjoys dancing and attending different dance parties. Kayla carries her own machines to exercise when she is on tour to be in perfect physical shape. Kayla is very close with her friends, especially her best friend i.e. her sister. According to Kayla, the sound of sea waves attracts her from an early age, and that is the reason why she always likes to spend some time on the beach every weekend, where she can take a good sunbath listening to her favorite music.

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