Jenny Glam

Name Jenny Glam
Birth Date October 09, 1992
Birth Location Hungary
Height 5’4″
Measurments 34A-28-38

Jenny Glam – Introduction

Tall and slender blue-eyed hottie Jenny Simons from Hungary was born on October 09, 1992. She began her career as a porn actress at the age of twenty-two in 2014. Jenny is five ft. and 4 inches tall, and the girl weighs 121 lbs. Her extremely sexy body measures 34A-28-38 that can turn you horny at first sight. Not a single kilogram of excess cellulite can be found in the body of this charming Hungarian model! She is so soft and graceful at the same time, it seems, we have a professional gymnast. Long legs and the fragile figure has turned thousands of people crazy not only in Hungary but all around the world.

Career in Adult Entertainment Industry

In April 2014, Jenny was asked by Pierre Woodman to appear in his porn movie. The world knows the artistic skills of Woodman and Jenny had already heard a lot about him, therefore, she didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. In this way, the world of porn got familiar with another shining star called Jenny Glam. She experiences incredible pleasure to handle sex partners, and even she feels so good to swallow the cumshot that is ejected right into her mouth. However, Jenny strives hard to bring some novelty to common types of carnal pleasures, and she has never hesitated to accept new challenges for new experiences. According to Jenny, the trick to get her horny is very simple i.e. her male sex partner has just to touch her vagina for a couple of moments, and the girl turns on like someone has pushed her power button with remote.

In lesbian genre, the girl is simply awesome. She penetrates the vagina of her female colleague deeply with her tongue. She plays with her gingers very well to penetrate the anal hole of her female sex partners. In most of the movies, Jenny has played lesbian roles or solo performances. However, she quickly changed her track towards hardcore movies when she realized the gravity of tough competition in the porn industry. She did it well since she took a good decision not to limit her talent to specific porn genres only. She has also participated several times in the scenes with anal sex, though, she said, she did not like it so much. Jenny, in her short career so far, has made sure that she performs in a real natural way. This is due to the fact that porn lovers like to watch the natural reaction of the porn stars. She has done quite well in this area and has participated in many hit porn movies including Anal Buffet 11 in 2015 by Evil Angel in collaboration with Jay Sin Video, Coed Masseuse Magic in 2014 by in collaboration with, Hot Chicks, No Dicks in 2015 by Evil Angel in collaboration with David Perry, and Student Nurses in 2014 by Video Marc in collaboration with Dorcel.

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Real Life of Porn Actress

In real life, Jenny is extremely searing and pretty passionate modest girl. She doesn’t like to go to the noisy parties and finds such parties as a pointless pastime. The girl likes to read books on different subjects and chat with friends on the internet.

Like many girls, Jenny dreamed of becoming a celebrity in her early age. She wanted to be recognized as a famous show business personality since she was fascinated by few female TV hosts at that time. However, after several unsuccessful attempts to test herself as an actress in normal movies, cutie started to test her career in the porn. Thanks to Woodman, who made her dream come true. According to Jenny, she was damn sure that her appearance in the porn industry will be highly accepted, and she would get good responses as she was always naughty by nature since her early age. In addition, she has a very good body structure that helps her to seduce men around the world watching her on another side of the screen. Moreover, the Hungarian beauty is very delicate and of sensual nature, she has a very good talent in matters of acting talent. On top of that, she has a lot of desire and passion. For instance, Jenny in her everyday life tumbles safely in bed with the girls, so on the stage, she can feel at ease. She has learned so many things throughout her short career so far, and the girl loves to implement her learning in private life.

According to Jenny, sex and naughtiness are something in her nature, and she cannot live like a shy girl who is reluctant to reveal her desires. Sometimes, Jenny loves to go to nightclubs where she can perform different dance moves and have fun all night long with her friends. However, this doesn’t frequently happen to keep in view her nature. Also, the girl has the absolutely free approach to have sex with new acquaintances, and she picks a guy of her choice for her private sex life. According to Jenny, fun loving and tall guys fascinate her a lot and she can suddenly fall in one night love with them. Moreover, she doesn’t mind to make a real lesbian orgy with her friends inside her bedroom. According to Jenny, she has planned to dedicate her entire life to the porn industry since it is the profession that has given her everything she wanted – from fame to money. The porn actress loves to stay in touch with fans of her around the globe, and she can be reached through her Twitter and Instagram.

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