Jade Neil


Jade Neil – Introduction

Jade Neil was born in Arizona, USA October 15, 1992. After college, she decided to work as a dancer in a strip bar, wherein 2014; she was noticed by one of the representatives of the porn business who offered her to become an erotic actress. It can be said that it was not a surprise for the dancer, because she wanted to go down this path, but a little later. From that moment began her new life as an Adult entertainment actress. Jade Neil is 5’4 inches tall and weighs around 52 kgs. She is a sexy brunette with perfect measurements of 34D-26-34. In a short span of time, the aspiring porn star has managed to gain some popularity and has starred in several films with different subjects. It is worth noting that she did not dwell on any one type of sexual direction and decided to try her skills in all categories. There are several short ten-minute clips where the actress demonstrated her abilities in lesbian sex that she’s great at. She knows how to attract attention from the very first moments of viewers and maintains it throughout the film, but she manages it well just like an actress with extensive experience. In her solo performances, the actress demonstrates her sugary towns, seductively caressing them and brings herself to orgasm, which is rather liked by the audience, judging by the number of views of videos.

Her Porn Career

Jade Neil started her career one year ago in 2014. Jade had a Toyota Corolla before entering the adult entertainment industry, and she was a delivery, driver. Her car was troubling her due to some mechanical faults, and she decided to make some extra bucks. Jade turned on her webcam and started to show her tits and overall body to the online viewers. She masturbated in front of a webcam, and that was the moment when she realized that it was the job that she was always looking for, and she decided to continue this job forever. Jade likes to be herself having sex all along. An agent from a porn industry came to meet her after viewing her videos and asked to work in the industry on a regular basis. Soon after joining the adult entertainment industry, Jade became extremely excited, and she told her mom about it, as soon as she flew out to Los Angeles. The rest of her family members have just come to know that she is a porn star as she is getting more fame and popularity online. However, all her family members are very supportive, and they are positive. Jade says that her family members are only worried about her happiness and her protection. But this girl knows that the porn industry is providing her safety, security, money, and pleasure that she was always looking for. Jade works only with those people that she wants to work with. Therefore, she is known as a very selective porn actress in the industry. Jade still recalls her first scene that was with ‘Girls Gone Wild’ and she had to perform a solo scene. She says, at the start, that they were attempting to create it a girl-girl scene and she was chaotic. Later on, the producer came forward and told her that she will have to perform a solo scene, and the confusion was eliminated. Jade has always wanted to reside somewhere and be naked all the time. She says that she didn’t have any idea, until she joined the adult entertainment industry that she will have to work nude too. This sexy brunette is seen naked on the sets all the time while shooting and off-camera too.

Personal Life and Likes

Jade lost her virginity when she was only 15 to an attractive boy who used to be in her drama department. That boy had a crush on Jade, and she was the first love of his life. Both of them are good friends till now, even though, they do not date anymore. Jade is a type of girl who loves to hope for a compulsive relation, and she is addicted to love. She always loves to be with somebody and she simply likes these moments when she is lying in bed with someone. Jade says that porn industry has helped her in a lot of ways. She is not past the point where she does to develop connections with someone before having sex that was very difficult for her previously. In other words, she is open in her very first meeting. She is not that kind of girl who is clingy and will attach themselves to one guy all the time. She loves to change her partners frequently. Jade says that she has too much affection to give and share. Jade does not mind getting involved with girls as well. She, before losing her virginity, used to date a girl for almost one year. That was Jade’s first interaction of hiding things from her family. That girl is still a very good friend with Jade. This rounded booty slut is open to offering her love for anyone regardless of the gender lines, race, or any other thing. She just wants to love and be loved every single day.

Jade Neil – The Best Newbie

Jade is rapidly gaining experience, and her professionalism is growing every day. She has been working on the areas that she feels needs improvement. She is working on her oral sex skills, coping well together with two partners. She has more than a dozen films where she is filmed with three partners. As they say the more, the merrier. In the majority of her porn movies, one can see her with two partners and admire the way she satisfies them, and she gets enormous pleasure from it. Neil attracts attention and arouses interest with her appearance. She is quite calm and gentle, but during her sex scenes she becomes passionate and temperamental, and it is impossible not to note the transition in her performances. The actress said that to have fun, you must manage your body to give pleasure to others. Jade Nile is only at the beginning of her career in the adult entertainment industry, but she has already become quite popular female porn actress. Her fans do watch her porn videos with immense interest on the pages on adult websites.