Flower Tucci

Name Flower Tucci
Birth Date January 2, 1981
Birth Location Burbank, California
Height 5’6″
Measurments 36B-26-38

Early Life of Flower Tucci

This beautiful squirt woman of the Adult Entertainment Industry was born on 2nd January 1981 in Burbank California. She is of mixed Italian, Irish, Swedish and American descent. She was always a very confident girl growing up and loved getting all dolled up. She used to participate in the pageant shows. She used to play Basketball and Softball In her school. Flower was never the slutty skanky type of girl who used to sleep around a lot. She was never the wild girl or town slut. She had sex when she was in a school, but she promised herself that she would never have sex with schoolboys. She understood that the word gets around, and people talk and high school gossip travels like a forest fire and she never wanted to become the victim of that. She did not do a lot of sleeping around though; she had sex with about ten guys before she entered the porn industry.

Prior to porn, Flower worked at a bakery and excelled at cake decorating. Her family and friends were shocked to hear about Tucci’s career choice as they never expected that out of her. Her mother accepted it even though she does not like it. She lost some friends as well, but she is okay and happy with people who supported her decision. She was never the kind of girl who watched a lot of porn; she would go out of the room if her friends ever played the porn DVDs in front of her. She started watching porn at the age of twenty with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was obsessed with Alicia Klass as he had seen her on Playboy TV squirting and thought it was hot as hell. Her boyfriend bought her a lot of Alicia Klass DVDs and asked her if she could do it. The video store her boyfriend went to also suggested some Seymore movies as they show female ejaculation too. They both started watching the videos together, and Flower immediately became a big fan. She was embarrassed that she could not ejaculate how much she tried and was disappointing her boyfriend but one day she did. She ejaculated and made the entire couch wet.

She then wrote an email to Seymour Butt saying how thankful she was for his movies that made a drastic change in her sex life. She also sent pictures of her squirting to Seymour. The assistant at Seymour’s office paid some attention to that email and brought it up to him that there is a girl who is beautiful and squirt well. Seymore replied flower back and asked her to meet with him, and they met a few days on the sets of Family Business. She had sex in a limo and squirted all the way to the other seat. She sprayed her juice all over the camera crew, and they were flipping. She also responded to an ad in L.A Weekly and got her first scene with Lexington Steele. Her first movie was titled “Balls Deep 6.


Her Porn Career

She started her porn career rather late in 2002 with her first scene being interracial in Balls Deep 6. She says she was very nervous when they first started filming but as soon as the fucking started, she shined and fucked like a rock star. Known as the squirt queen of Adult Entertainment Business, she has received a lot of critique and mixed reactions from some fans who say that there is no such thing as female ejaculation and it’s basically just pee. Flower stands her ground and says that the female squirt is not pee but it’s clear and sweet, and it’s just like cum for women. She says she had practiced her muscles a lot and taught herself how to squirt. Initially, she could only do it with a pocket rocket but now she can spray it all across the room on demand if you hit her right spot.

She likes watching her scenes and some of her favorite scenes are from her movie called “Flower’s Squirt Shower” and also a scene with Manuel Ferrara that she did. It is a boy/girl/girl anal where Flower was fucked in a huge tree. Her favorite co-star is Manuel Ferrara. She adores his personality and professionalism and calls herself Manuel’s whore. Flower also hosts a radio show on KSex Radio and used to enjoy her show a lot. She says she is naturally and extrovert and is effortlessly funny. Till date, Flower has been nominated for 28 awards and won 6 awards including the award for Best Squirter.

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Flower Tucci – The Squirting Sex Machine

Flower has the most amazing personality with the intelligent sense of humor. She thinks she can be in a porn comedy show as she says the funniest things spontaneously. She believes in the power of pussy and says women should not go around wasting what they have. They should be smart enough to know their worth. She embraces the idea of women being more open about their sexuality and should not be pushed back by the society. She thinks it’s sad how in our society people just consider sex bad and filthy though it’s beautiful and natural. She is an outdoorsy girl who loves to dance and listen to a lot of music. She also likes to go hiking and loves to snowboard occasionally. She loves going to the beach, and her favorite beach is Carlsbad in San Diego. Most of all, she loves being fucked hard, and we love to watch her fucking. She can be reached at her official website and Twitter.

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