Daisy Ducati

Name Daisy Ducati
Birth Date December 08, 1989
Birth Location San Francisco, California
Height 5’9″

Early Life of Daisy Ducati

This red haired black girl was born on December 08, 1989. She spent most of her life on the East Coast. She was always a daredevil that wanted to explore and tried new things. She was the kind of girl that always stayed in trouble. She was a badass and always managed to do what is not expected out of girls her age. In student life, she stayed the stage manager all four years for her drama club. She attended a welding class for two years. She also entered the wrestling team when someone challenged her that she couldn’t. She didn’t learn to take no for an answer. She was a fan of porn for as long as she can remember. She used to fantasize gangbangs, and her mom almost caught her at times masturbating to gangbang scenes.

She was always a bad girl and very curious. She lost her virginity at the age of 16 with the guy she had been dating a while. She later found out that the guy she lost her virginity to was also a porn actor who used to used scenes now and then. She says that the guy spoiled her with his staying power and raised the bar for anyone next in line. Long before she lost her virginity to a guy, she was messing around with girls with as long as she can remember. She and her little friend used to play all these dirty games. Her sexual orientation is Bisexual. She loves both cock and pussy. After that, she was this little slut who wanted cock all the time. She had her threesome in the same year she lost her v-card. Floodgates of sex opened for Daisy with her 16th birthday. Daisy got into porn with her start as a model. She was doing fashion modeling stills and discovered fetish modeling. She was excited by what she saw and wanted to try it out. She got into Fetish modeling and describes it as a refreshing and the most amazing experience.

Fetish modeling introduced Ducati to her perverse, animalistic wild side. From there, she got some connections in the industry and then it just naturally flowed. Her family was okay with her decision but worried about the people and the diseases. They were satisfied once she sat down and described the conditions, the laws, and the testing regulations of the industry. Ducati’s family was not shocked by her decision as her family is all into sex work. Her relatives are pornstars; some are professional escorts, and some are strippers. Someone said to her growing up “Sweety, you are sitting on a gold mine”. She now understands what it means, and the power of those words has always kept Ducati going. She came up with her stage name herself, she thinks it’s a mixture of badass and sweetness that is how she sees herself.

Her Porn Career

She shot her first video by accident. She was booked alongside her friend through a website. She had only done a couple of fetish video shoots before that but nothing that involved nudity or sexual activity. She thought she was only going for the same shoot when her friend texted her if she was ready for the strapon scene? She said what strap-on scene. She didn’t realize it was a hardcore sex scene. She arrived on the set, and the people who booked her were acquaintances, so she went ahead with it, and she enjoyed a lot. She was really nervous as this was something new for her, but she loved every bit of it. Daisy started out with the fetish stuff, all the things that some tenured pornstars are scared of till date. She started off with leash, bondage, latex and chains and enjoys fetish more than vanilla fucking. She had been electrocuted during sex. She had been crucified during her shoots and been waterboarded. She loves pushing her limits and enjoys the pain that comes with it.

She loves how her body can accept everything. She loves pushing the envelope to the point where her body is about to breakdown and bounces right back to normalcy. She says it is magical and empowering to know that you can take all that and take pleasure in it. It is pleasure in its purest form as per Ducati. Ducati also loves to squirt. She taught herself how to squirt when she was in school. She learned it after being obsessed with it when she watched it on porn. Her favorite co—star is Mona Wales, who is as filthy as her. Her favorite director is Aiden Starr and someone she looks up to. She also enjoys working with Dylan Ryan as they both squirt like crazy and can shoot it across the room.

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Daisy Ducati – Real life Dominatrix

She is also a big fan of fisting. She loves being fucked in doggie position and also her most favorite position is a headstand. She says the rush to the head and the penetration angle in this position is the best, and she squirts all over herself while being in that position. She loves masturbating and does it most of the time with her Hitachi and her unique collection of vibrators. She enjoys getting Cumshots on her beautiful tits. Her fantasy is to have sex in public places like spontaneously have full blown sex in public. She loves men who are polite and easy to talk to. Her hobbies are traveling, music and shopping. She loves the support she receives from her fans and tries to communicate with them as much as possible. She can be reached at her personal website, Twitter and Instagram.

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