Dahlia Sky

Name Dahlia Sky
Birth Date August 10, 1989
Birth Location Riverside California
Height 5’6″
Measurments 34C-24-33

Early Life of Dahlia Sky

This comely blonde eye candy was born on August 10, 1989, in Riverside California. She was brought up in Southern California with a typical southern upbringing. She was homeschooled, so she loves to read. She went to public school on a temporary basis. She was a gamer girl growing up and loved playing video games. She then went to a charter school where she chose different electives like horseback riding lessons and gymnastics. She didn’t tell her family once she started out in porn, and her mother found out and kept quiet about it. She had researched some adult film agencies and left the papers on the printer that her mother saw. She brought it up months later during a fight and said: “I know you are doing porn.” Her family is not okay with it, as, per Dahlia, it’s nobody’s fantasy that their little girl works in Adult Entertainment Business. But the family supports it as long as she is responsible and takes care of her. Dahlia was 15 when she lost her virginity. She lost it to her neighbor she had a big crush on and they were dating for few weeks. She was cuddling with the guy, and they had a sheet over themselves.

The guy’s sister who was also Dahlia’s best friend was sitting in the same room surfing the computer. The guy asked her if she wanted to have sex with him she said she did, and they just went inside the sheets and started doing it. After a couple of strokes, the guy freaked out saying I can’t do this, I can’t do this and pulled out. She didn’t have sex for over a year after that. She then went into a long relationship from 16 to 20 and broke up with him briefly before joining porn. Dahlia Sky initially started with the stage name “Bailey Blue” in December 2010. Shortly after the launch of her official website, her webmaster received a Cease and Desist Letter from a clothing company called Bailey Blue Clothing. The had this company since 2003 and had their trademark registered in 2007. They threatened that if Dahlia didn’t take her website down, they’d take her to court. So she changed the name to Dahlia Sky. Dahlia because she loves the metal band “The Murder of Black Dahlia” and also because there is a beautiful flower named Dahlia. Her last name was Sky because that was closest to Blue. So hence she became Dahlia Sky.

Dahlia used to work as a waitress and also as a Deli Manager briefly before entering the porn industry. She started doing some modeling and posted photos on Myspace. She then gathered some courage and did some nude photo shoots as well. She was contacted by an agent who asked her to meet up with her. She told her that she could help her get into the adult film industry, and Dahlia agreed. She signed her contract the same day, and two weeks later she was filming her first scene. That is how Dahlia Sky started in porn and from then on it only skyrocketed.


Her Porn Career

Dahlia stayed with the same agent she started out with for about six months before they had a falling out, and Dahlia went independent. She had stayed independent for a year before she signed with Mark Spiegler. She was impressed with Mark Spiegler as she would see Spiegler Girls all walking around like the most popular group of high school at AVN and different conventions. She says she could not have asked for a better agent. Dahlia mentions that after she changed her name she had lost a lot of business. She was getting much fewer scenes, but it slowly started to pick up again and eventually got back on track. Her favorite co-star is Rocco. She loves working with him and thinks he is an incredible guy and an actor. Dahlia initially never wanted to do anal and said she doesn’t have the butthole for it.

She had once done anal with her boyfriend and thought it was really awkward. She never had anal sex after that but decided to give it a go shortly before she signed with Spiegler. She thought she would be signing for Spiegler so might as well be diverse. She did anal and loved it and thought to herself that this might be fun to do on camera. Ever since then she had been an anal queen. Some of her favorite scenes of herself are Totally Unprofessional 3 and also Bailey Blue wide open. Dahlia has been nominated for the Best Female Performer of the Year consecutively in 2014 and 2015. She directed her first movie for PawnThatPussy.com in May 2014.

The top pornstar on Videobox

Enchanting Blue eyed Charmer

This blue-eyed bombshell has everything going for her. She has perfect tits, perfect body, wonderful features and beautiful blue eyes. She loves being fucked in missionary and doggie positions. She likes being submissive in her personal life. What Dahlia likes in bed totally depends on her mood. Someday she wants it rough. She likes being spanked, slapped and choked and some days she would want to be fucked with intimacy. She would want her neck to be kissed and licked and have romantic, intimate, passionate hot sex. She likes masturbating at least once a day by using her Hitachi. She likes a guy to cum in her mouth or anywhere a guy wants to. She is a people pleaser and goes out of the way to please the other person. Being in porn, she has learned that she can be really dirty. She loved video games. She also loves going to rock concerts, watch movies, Go to the beach and hang with her friends. She can be reached through her official website, Twitter, and Instagram.

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