Corinna Blake


Early Life of Corinna Blake

This kinky, gorgeous stunner was born on August 06, 1988. Corinna is caucasian with American descent. She was always a tomboy growing up. She never got along with girls and hated her school. She was into sports though. She played softball as a catcher, and she was also a cheerleader for her school’s team. She is 27 years of age and joined the adult film industry about a year and a half ago. She lost her virginity when she was still in elementary school. She lost it in broad daylight at a birthday party and was about 13 years old back then. She really didn’t waste any time. She has beautiful breasts that are 34DD. She got them enhanced back in high school and got them re-enhanced again about a year back. She has two piercings one on her navel, and she has her beautiful pink pussy pierced as well. She had always been open sexually and loved having sex. Not just conventional sex but unconventional too. She once had sex with her best friend’s dad that her best friend does not even know about. The guy had a reputation for sleeping with young girls, so she slept with him, and he bought her a Bentley as a token of appreciation. She knows how to use her pussy to get things in life. A guy also bought her the house, and she didn’t even have sex with him, but he gifted her a house. She worked as a stripper before entering the Porn Industry. She got into porn as revenge as she was with a guy who she was in love with. They used to live together, and Corrina used to work a shift at the strip club till 9 pm. She was not allowed to drink or go clubbing by her boyfriend, and she was always happy to abide by it. It stayed the same way for almost three years when she started noticing things. She knew he was cheating on her, she would often find things as she was the one who cleaned around the house. She once found a bracelet under the bed and asked him about it, to which he replied that he got her that bracelet and lost it. Now he knows why he could not find it because he lost it under the bed. She knew it was bullshit but didn’t say much. She’d then find used condoms, and his viagra was all used up and she wondered where it went when he definitely was not fucking her so where were they going. She later found out that he was fucking a girl that lived down the street while she ate alone at the table thinking that her boyfriend is still at work. She became good friends with this girl and told her everything. She got into touch with an agent she had made connections with while stripping, she called him up and asked to set her up for porn. She moved out of the house while her boyfriend was on vacation, she made sure to leave a copy of her first porn contract on the kitchen table as a goodbye present to her. She says it gives her pleasure to think that he would see me on video sucking and fucking a different guy each day. That’s how she made her start in Porn.

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Her Porn Career

She was very nervous when she filmed her first scene. She was not sure if she was ready for it. She had only had sex with one person for three years and seeing all these people that were involved in the production and knowing they would all watch you fuck was something that made her very uncomfortable. They were dictating positions out to her, and she just thought it was very open and weird as she was used to having sex privately. She says it got better with time, but she is still not a 100% comfortable with it. She says it is not something that is normal, and she is not sure if she will ever be all cool with it. She does not enjoy sleeping with girls. She has never been with a girl outside of porn. She has been with a girl on camera about three times, and she does not like it. Her favorite co-star is Johnny Sins. She loves working with him as she shares good chemistry with him. She said while shooting for “Brazzers World War XXX” together, they fucked each other so intensely and forgot about all that the director had to remind them that they were shooting. Corrina also loved working with Johnny Castle, but that’s mostly because of personal reasons. Her ex resembled Johnny Castle. His boyfriend one day took a screenshot of Johnny Castle getting blowed by some girl and sent it to some friend saying he got laid yesterday. When she had sex with Johnny Castle with her birthday, she took a photo and sent it to him. She sent him a text with the picture saying that she upgraded.

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Corrina – The sexy blonde stunner

Her most favorite position to fuck in is Doggie style, and she hates reverse cowgirl. She masturbates every day with her toys and to porn as well. She believes being in porn hasn’t really changed her much as a person. She says she is a little shy in her personal life. She also likes to paint, cook and play the piano. She loves her dogs. She has two dogs and a guinea pig. Her music taste is pretty diverse, but classic rock is her all-time favorite. She also enjoys TV series like Breaking Bad and Desperate Housewives. Her fans can get in touch with her through her Twitter and Instagram.



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