Chastity Lynn

Name Chastity Lynn
Birth Date August 10, 1987
Birth Location Seattle, Washington
Height 5’4″
Measurments 34B-23-34

Early Life of Chastity Lynn

This cute, peppy, energetic girl was born on 10th of August in 1987 in Seattle, Washington. Chastity was slutty from the very start, she loved cock and just could not resist it. She went to an all-girls Catholic school at first but got into some trouble because of her slutty nature. Her dad found out and gave her two choices. Either she straightens up her act and no fooling around in private school or she could go have her way in a public school. Her dad was very strict and did not care for any bullshit; he said he will not pay for private school if she will only waste his money that he pays to the school. So she then switched to public school and was just a cock hunter.

She said there were so many fresh meaty cocks around that she just could not resist. She was the town slut to every letter of the word. Chastity is an absolute cat lover and has a cat named Lucy. Out of her parents, only her father knows about her profession, he found out after Club Jenna had sent her pay check to her home address. Her dad got the mail and wondered what it was. He called her up all worried and confronted what it was about. She told him, he hated it and got completely freaked out. He is now partially okay with it, in fact not okay but oblivious towards her career. Her mom is yet to know about her daughter’s career choice. Her original name is Ashton Butler, and she chose her stage name randomly. She is also known by the name of Hailey Lynn, Chase Lynn, and Chasity Lynn.

Growing up, Chastity loved sex but had a really small vagina, she said that she could not even wear a tampon, and it hurt badly the first time she had sex. She says the pain did not go away after the first time, in fact, she hurt for almost the initial 30-40 times. She didn’t enjoy having sex until later when her pussy was all opened up and ready to have a cock slid in. Chastity has a tasteful tattoo of a blue and green lotus along her bikini line and also has her piercings on her tongue and navel. Even though her chest is small, Chastity cannot imagine herself having breast implants. She advises strongly against them and says she cannot imagine something artificial inserted into her body and them bouncing around.

Her Porn Career

She started her porn career in the adult entertainment industry after she met Ellie Idol at a party. She says she always went to parties that Ellie attended to check her out. This one day Ellie, her and one other girl got it on and started having sex while Ellie’s boyfriend watched the three girls go at each other. Ellie and she both loved each other’s body and worshiped it making it a good show for the boyfriend who played with himself while watching and also took pictures. She says that Ellie still has those pictures. From then on, every party she went to for a year, She and Ellie would fuck each other brains out guys would just stand around and watch. Ellie suggested that they make a good show, why not try Adult Film Industry. That’s how Chastity got in the business.

She was very shy and scared at the start but eventually, she became comfortable with it. Initially, she only did girl/girl pure lesbian scenes. She would only work with Ellie Idol, but she later branched out and had sex with guys too on camera. She has always loved cock and loves boy/girl/girl scenes. Those are her favorite to do. Chastity has appeared in over 342 videos until now. She loves getting railed in the pussy and mouth. She recently did her first anal with Shawn Michaels. She said she trained her ass to do anal as she had always had small holes. She could not do anal initially, and she used to walk around with her butt plug on to widen her hole. She used to go about her day with a butt plug in her ass, she even went to buy a car having a butt plug in. Her favorites to work with are of course Ellie Idol. She also enjoys working with Evil Angel and also John Stagliano.

She specifically loves working with Girlfriend Films as she has a lot of fun there. She says that people over at girlfriend films don’t ask you to act, they just let you be and that’s when the most natural sex happens that is enjoyable and stimulating. She also says that she went to Road Queen trips with them, and they also have a purple antique car that they all would drive around in and have a lot of fun. Her favorite co-star of all times is Kara Price.

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Chastity Lynn – As a Person

Chastity is a fun-loving, outdoorsy girl. She has grown to love hardcore sex. She is also into bondage and loves being the innocent submissive. She likes to be dominated in bed and being told what to do. She loves going all raw and rough in bed. She loves taking the load in her mouth. Her unique hobby that not a lot of people know about is her ability to spin fire. There are like two-foot long chains on her each hand and their ends are lit up, and she spins them. She learned it from a roommate of hers and has perfected it over years. She got burnt mildly at times too. She loves interacting with her fans at different conventions, and she can also be reached through her official website, Twitter, and Instagram.

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