Chanel Preston

Name Chanel Preston
Birth Date December 01, 1985
Birth Location Fairbanks, Alaska
Height 5’8″
Measurments 36D-26-36

Early life of Chanel Preston

This gorgeous slender, perfect charmer was born on 1st December 1985. Her origin is a mix of American, German and Spanish. She was born in Alaska and moved out to Hawaii at the age of 19. Growing up, Chanel was a strong headed girl who believed in gender equality. She hated it when women were treated differently because people thought they were weak. She got into her school wrestling team and used to wrestle with boys. Though the coach did not approve of her being on the team, Chanel didn’t care. She believes in getting what she wants and does whatever she sets her head to.

Chanel was always a performer and loved performing ever since an early age. She used to act in plays, play piano and loves to awe her audience with her outstanding performances. She is the youngest of three siblings and was a popular girl in her school. She was a big partier and used to smoke pot a lot. She lost her virginity at the age of 15 with a friend, and how she lost it was a pretty generic story. She was heavily inebriated and partied hard and had sex. She didn’t even remember a lot of it and the next day she got a urinary tract infection, so she ended not having sex for a year after she lost her v-card. She moved out of her house at the age of 19 to live in Hawaii as she had just broken off with her boyfriend of two years, and she needed to get away. Also, because her best friend moved there a year ago from her and wanted her to join. She is a licensed Esthetician and worked as a manager for a skin care line for Nordstrom. She also briefly worked as a waitress and cocktail girl too. She quit her job from Nordstrom and was jobless at the time.

Her boyfriend at the time was a male stripper and suggested her to do the same. She worked as a stripper for one and a half year where she met a lady who asked her if she was interested in the Adult Entertainment business. Chanel immediately said yes and that’s how the porn career started for Chanel. Chanel had always fantasized about stripping and thought that the only reason she didn’t want to be a stripper was that she had to shave always, and she didn’t like the idea, but she had a lot of fun when she eventually ended up doing it.

Her Porn Career

Chanel’s first scene was for Vivid Entertainment for a series called “Brand New Faces” with Nick Manning. She was nervous at first but says this alter ego came out as soon as the director yelled “Action.” Nick Manning was great, and it was a wonderful experience for her. From the very first scene, she always found herself very comfortable on camera. She got into porn rather late as opposed to the new trend of girls getting into the business as soon as they hit puberty. She does not regret it though as she says for her, if she had gotten into porn into that raw age, maybe she would have gone down a pretty horrific road with drugs and addiction.

Chanel did not associate herself with any agent or a company initially as she wanted to take any work she wanted to, but now she is signed by the Spiegler Agency and is currently The Spiegler Girl. Chanel won 4 awards at AVN in her very first year including the “Best New Starlet” and also had the honor of being the trophy girl for 2011 AVN Awards. She was also chosen as the Penthouse Pet of the Month for the Month of March 2012. She co-hosted the AVN awards in 2013 alongside Samantha Saint and described it as a fun experience. She was also featured on CNBC’s list “The Dirty Dozen – Porn’s Most Popular Stars”. She launched the web-based sex education series in 2014 called “Naked with Chanel.” This series was initially funded by money raised by the website IndieGoGo. This series focuses on the ideology of sex and society’s attitude towards sex.

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What Gets Chanel off

Chanel is a very adventurous girl and loves doing things on an impulse; she likes a guy who would do the same. The adventurous, daredevil kind. She does not like people who are always careful. She loves an average sized dick and is not a big fan of the size, she says you can have a giant cock and not satisfy a girl if you do not have a mental connection with her. She loves being fucked in missionary position as she thinks it is the most intimate position and also missionary anal. She masturbates depending on her mood. She says there comes phase when I can masturbate all day and also comes a phase where I would not at all. She loves using her Hitachi and Dildos.

Chanel loves anal, but one thing that is a complete no-no for Chanel is if someone fingers her butts. She hates it as it provides zero stimulation and feels like someone is tickling her insides. She doesn’t like to watch her own scenes a lot and off camera, she doesn’t have a lot of sex as well. But when she does have sex in real life, she describes it as a completely different experience as on-camera it just works, there are no feelings involved. She loves getting Facial Cumshots and also thinks that there is nothing sexier than a guy exploding inside you. Only the feeling of thick hot cum running inside gets her off. She loves swimming, hiking, and dancing. Chanel loves her fans and keeps in touch with them through her Twitter and Instagram. She also has an official website which is

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