Carter Cruise

Name Carter Cruise
Birth Date April 24, 1991
Birth Location Atlanta, Georgia
Height 5’4″
Measurments 36C-27-35

Early Life of Carter Cruise

This sorority girl turned cute pornstar blonde was born on 24th April 1991 in Georgia. She spent most of her life in North Carolina. Her is origin is a mix of American, Cherokee and Welsh. She is an ambitious 24-year-old and for her porn is just a start for many things she has to offer. She was the typical southern girl with southern upbringing. Growing up, she was always a tomboy in her school, even though she was a shameless flirt throughout the school. Carter lost her virginity at the age of 16 with her boyfriend at the time. They had been dating for three months, and she was very curious about sex and had been wanting to have it for a long time. She had sex for the first time during their spring break and once she had sex she always wanted to have it. She was with the same boyfriend for four whole years up until college. She went to East Carolina University and was majoring in Pre-Law and Psychology. During her college years, she worked at the famous restaurant “Hooters” and also worked briefly as a Lifeguard. Carter didn’t want to go to college and only went because she wanted to be with her boyfriend. She broke up with him for good and went through a crazy phase for a year where she slept around a lot. She sobered up and wanted to build a brand Carter Cruise. She had always dreamed about it.

She went online on Craigslist to get some cheap headshots as money was not her best friend at the time. She found an ad for “Erotic Photography” and she contacted the photographer. Even though she mentions that he came off a bit sketchy, but they met and clicked immediately. They talked for hours, and the photographer asked her if she would like to do some topless shots. She was really self-conscious about her body but eventually ended up doing the shots. She was amazed by how good she looked on camera. It helped boost her self-confidence and by next morning. She had decided that she wanted to do porn. Though she had always fantasized about it. She remembers in college; there used to be Alumni Golf Tournament where sorority girls had to drive beer carts in bikinis. She participated in one of those, and one guy offered her to do a topless shotgun for $25. As she was always a daredevil, she said, “Fuck Yeah!” She took her top off, the guy did a shotgun and paid her 25 bucks that during her college life was good money. She thought that she just made 25 dollars only for going topless. She also got her nipples pierced the very same day after a whole lot of drinking and messing around with Frat Boys.

Carter’s family had always been very supportive of her career. Her father always wanted her to try new experiences and be open-minded. Her father used to arrange Carter to meet with all these women CEO’s and Entrepreneurs and wanted her to be proud of herself. When she decided to step into porn, she just told her family that she has made her decision, either they can accept it or she can leave the house and never speaks to them again. Her family was more concerned about her getting into drugs rather than her career choice. They were all supportive of her career choice once she sat down with them and told her that she is brought up with good enough morals to not go down that road.

Her Porn Career

She started her career by doing a random google search. Once she put her mind to it, she says she can do anything. So she googled East Coast Modeling agencies as she was still in school and has to stay in East Coast only. “East Coast Models” popped up. She contacted the company, and they responded really well to her. They got her to fly to Florida to shoot two scenes, and she went back to school. She remembers being extremely nervous in her first scene. The first scene did be for VIP – Reality Kings. She was paired with Teagan Summers, who was working her last week in the industry as she was retiring. Carter was so nervous that she hadn’t eaten all day and was shivering with fear. Teagan held her hand and told her that she would take care of her, and she doesn’t need to worry.

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Carter Cruise – Strongheaded, Driven PornStar

Carter is a smart, strong headed girl. She does what she puts her mind to. She likes men who are chivalrous towards her. She does not enjoy sex with older men but does it as work. In her personal life, she would want someone who is not a lot older. She is not fixated on cock size, she enjoys an average sized dick and thinks that for a girl it’s more about mental stimulation. Carter is also a fan of EDM ever since college earning herself the title of DJ. She is also working on her music now and has recently released her first single called “Dunnit” featuring Styles & Complete and Critchy Crich. She is also writing some blogs giving sexual advice and using her sexual knowledge for good. She is also the brand ambassador and spokesperson for Gonzo company Airerose Entertainment.

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