Bree Daniels


Early Life of Bree Daniels

This strawberry blonde bombshell was born on November 18th in 1991. Her cute features and the curvy body has got everyone in the Adult film industry charmed. She is of mixed German and Irish descent. She grew up as a typical country girl. She is a big fan of country music and loves nature. She loves nature and embraces it and is very outdoorsy. She is definitely not a homebody and enjoys going out. Bree has a love for furry creatures and has four cats. Bree’s real name is “Breanne Boland” and her stage name was derived from the part of her real name, i.e., Bree. She has a happy go lucky feel and ease about her and because of her nature she has become well liked in a real short span of time. Bree categorizes herself as pansexual which means that she does not believe she is limited when it comes to her sexuality but on screen she only chooses to have sex with women. She is a lesbian performer and has only performed with women so far on the screen. When asked if she felt that her porn career can be affected by this choice. She said that it does not as there are diverse categories in lesbian porn, and she is yet to explore and bring a lot more to the screen. She lived in a small town near Montana for eight years before moving to Washington.

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Her Porn Career

Bree started her career by working as a cashier In a small departmental store. For a short amount of time, she also did some modeling before joining the industry. She also worked as a professional dancer for two weeks with her stage name Bree. She always used to dream about working in the adult film industry and wanted to work for Playboy. She adored sexy thin Playboy models running around in the playboy mansion. She fancied that life and aspired to be there one day. One fine day, she saw an ad in Barely Legal Magazine for a job, and she decided to apply on From there Bree landed a webcamming gig and started webcamming. She was a webcam girl for a while before an agent caught her profile one day and loved the buxom beauty. He contacted her and invited her to Los Angeles. He had Bree fly out to Los Angeles to meet with him and gave her first job. She was really nervous at first, but she says that porn is something that came to her naturally. She never for a moment, felt shy of the camera or felt weird that all these people will be watching her having sex. She had done webcamming and already knew the feel of it hence her first feature came out beautifully well, and Bree became an instant hit and a goddess amongst the lesbian porn lovers. She was named Twisty’s “Treat of the Month” for the month of July 2014 and also Penthouse “Pet of the Month” for the month of March 2014. She was recently nominated by XBiz for the best Girl/Girl Performer of the Year 2015. Bree has broken the norm by being the only performer who is a solo girl/girl performer in the industry currently. Bree does not intend to work with men on screen, but she does think that transsexual women are amazing, and she does wish to work with them someday. She thinks that what she executes on the screen is a rather artistic version of porn and its real sex not just shenanigans or a show but real sex that both partners enjoy. She says she never thought that she would wish to have sex with women than men and never realized how much she loved being with girls until she joined the industry and started working. She always knew she had it in herself though as growing up she secretly watched commercials of “Girls Gone Wild” and masturbated to them. She also had a close friend that she had indecent thoughts about. She used to have wet dreams about that friend but never came out to her. One of Bree’s favorite scenes of herself is “Please Make Me a Lesbian” series as it is a long series showcasing her as this sexual manipulative little pariah on the hunt. She also thoroughly enjoyed working with Andrew Blake for his movie “Sex Doll”. She describes as the most fun and awesome experience she has had. She treats the industry as her home and advises any newbie to rely on other members of the industry if they need support as it can act as a family when your real family is not around or supportive. She is a strong headed girl and does not believe in being manipulated, she says If you are being told to do something you are uncomfortable with, Say it and take control. Bree has not allowed the success to get to her head she says that one should not forget who he/she was before they became a star. One should not let the porn Industry consume themselves as a person. Be true to who you are. Her favorite porn star is Sammie Rhodes. Bree is awed by her performances and greatly adores her. She aspires to work with Justine Joli, Samantha Bentley, Taylor Vixen, Mia Malkova, Holly Michaels and Aaliyah Love.

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Bree Daniels – Strawberry Blonde Heartstealer

Bree is an outdoorsy country girl who is an absolute cat lover. She also likes to write and read. She loves reading different novels, and her favorite genre is Romance. She also enjoys video games and painting. Since she loves nature and enjoys peace and quiet, she loves taking rides alone. She is also a big fan of binge watching and watches TV shows like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter and Lost Girl. Bree loves to get feedback and to interact with her fans. She constantly posts photos to connect her fans with her life. She can be reached on Tumblr and Twitter.


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