A.J. Applegate

Name A.J. Applegate
Birth Date September 23, 1989
Birth Location Massapequa, New York
Height 5’2″
Measurments 34B-28-38

A.J. Applegate- Early Life

A.J. Applegate was born in Massapequa, New York on 23rd September 1989, and she grew up in Connecticut. Growing up, she was an outgoing child and was one of the popular girls in the school. She was a cheerleader for her school and loved singing too. She was always an entertainer and hence she also taught dance professionally later. Since she loved dancing, she started working as a stripper at the age of 19 at the Gold Club in Hartford, Connecticut. She got an opportunity for modeling while working at the strip club, which transitioned into nude modeling then some fetish work. A career in porn was something A.J. always wanted to do ever since she was 18 and considered that this will be the best time to start it. A.J. was a porn freak herself. She started watching porn at the age of 10 and recalls that she found it amazing. AJ wanted to lose her virginity to someone she loved. She lost her virginity at the age of 16 to her boyfriend at the time. They had sex in her boyfriend’s house finishing just in time to not get caught. She recently became certified in Zumba and wants to keep studying about more aspects in Zumba. She loves to dance and shows her amazing dancing talent in her couple of videos too. Videos like Gangbang Me where she did a sexual tease was a delight to watch.

A.J. Applegate started out in the industry with the name of Kaylee Evans but then she realized that a lot of girls in the adult film industry go by the name Kaylee and last name Evans, and she did not want to be mixed up with those girls. She wanted to differentiate herself and stand out hence she chose the name, A.J. Applegate. A.J. being the asexual name and Applegate because growing up everybody told her that she looks familiar to Christina Applegate. Initially, A.J. had to struggle a lot to get into the porn industry as her agent didn’t have any connections in New York and sent her out to California. Then she met Kevin, her current agent who believed that she could make into the Industry and pushed her hard. She was able to sign a couple of features then and from then on the journey started. A.J. even though is an only child comes from a big family. She had not told her family about her career until some uncle of hers saw her in a video and showed it to Applegate’s Mom. She then confronted her about it but didn’t react immediately asking for some time to process. Applegate’s parents were then supportive of her career, and she regrets them finding out like that.

A.J. Applegate – Her Porn Career

A.J. was overwhelmed with the amount of effort put into the filming of an adult movie. The first scene she shot was for MOFO’s, and she had a natural ease while filming. She was comfortable having sex on camera, and she was so good that even the director complimented her that he could not believe it was her first scene. A.J. loves anal sex as her big booty is one of the most prominent features of hers, and she knows how to work it well too. She recently did a double anal in Gangbang me though she was really nervous as she said that she had never done anal before entering the Industry, and she could not believe that she could do a double anal as her holes are too tight. She even tried triple penetration, but that didn’t work out too well. A.J. loves interracial sex and has a fetish for black cocks. She has also done an entire movie called “A.J. Applegate – The ArchAngel” having all interracial scenes with an exception of a girl on girl scene.

Her one of the most favorite scenes is the double anal, double vag in Gangbang me and an underwater sex sequence with Johnny Sinns by Brazzers. She has earned several nominations for her outstanding performances and has bagged the award for “Best New Starlet” in 2014. Also her first double anal group sex scene in “Gangbang Me” was awarded the “Best Group Sex Scene” in 2015. A.J. is a little old school in nature as she believes in love, and she feels that for her acting to come through naturally you should know the person. She likes to work with people that she is comfortable with and believes in having fun while working after all we are all having sex. A.J. Applegate has worked with almost all the major production houses, and she wishes to stick around for a while as she says she wishes to achieve the ”MILF” status.

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What does A.J. look for in a Guy

In a guy, she looks for a passion for gymming and fitness like hers and a gentleman. Someone who is chivalrous and treats her woman like a princess. A guy who can take care of himself and make her smile is the guy she would look for.

A.J. Applegate – An outdoorsy 26 year old

AJ is an outdoorsy next door girl who likes to walk her dog and loves to gym. She enjoys oral sex more than anything as she feels it is more intimate than anything else. She loves rough oral sex with a lot of spit, choking and gagging. Sex without kissing or being close turns her off. Her favorite position is good old doggie style as it offers the deepest penetration. A.J. is bisexual and loves girls with big asses like hers.

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