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Video box have a simple claim: “The absolute largest collection of porn anywhere on the web.”  It is a bold claim and one that is bound to create a lot of interest – after all, quantity and choice is a huge factor when choosing your online site.  There stats are bold: with almost 100,000 clips, coming up for a quarter million scenes, and five feature length DVDs added every week, you can see why this is one of the most popular sites on the web.  And on top of this they also have a host of premium channels for members – as if they rest wasn’t enough.  But it is true, there really is something for everyone!


So there is a lot of porn – that’s good.  But what’s in there?  There is tons of variety!  All videos are H.D. quality and most importantly they do full scenes.  That means that you don’t get cut off half way through just when the going gets good – like some more dubious sites.  And on top of that they have full length features, which is something too few sites now provide.  This site of course isn’t producing their own content (that would be a giant operation), but they do seem to be choosing carefully and not putting anything out there that is of a low quality.  Just good hard fucking from a host of models, in a variety of ways, with a lot of good -old-fashioned dirty imagination.  It is hot and hardcore and just what the doctor ordered.

Phone/Tablet and Downloads

In short yes – this site supports its content on pretty much any platform you want to view it off.  Which is great as this means that you can really get your moneys worth, when and wherever you want!  So if you are away from home without your computer, you can watch on your phone or tablet (though keep it in doors).  You can also enjoy unlimited downloads, which is a massive bonus.  If you have a favourite scene, or even a DVD, then simply download it and you can watch without the worry of streaming it, easily flicking about to where you want to watch.  So not only do you have access to the biggest collection of porn on the web, you can also start to build your own personal collection (though you will need a very big hard drive).


These guys also seem to be looking for new ways to get people involved in their site and have some interesting extras, like create your own porn clips.  This is something that is a lot of fun and really gives you a tailor made feel to the porn that you like.  Its not actually like being there on the shoot, but it comes a bit closer than the norm.


For a site this large that provides quite so much, their prices are very reasonable.  Depending on how long you sign up for and how much you want to stump up in one go, prices range from $15 down to just $8 a month – which is no more than a couple of coffees.  If you are a regular porn enthusiast – and remembering that you can download whatever you want – it is very easy to get value for money out of this site.



There is a lot of high quality content in this site – a lot.  It is reasonably priced compared to its competitors, and though it doesn’t have the bespoke feel of the specialist studio porn sites, it works with professionals to give you the largest amount of porn that you could ever want.  So if you are looking for variety and quantity, this is the one for you!

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