This is another of those premium networks that really push the boat out. This one dedicates themselves to having only the hottest babes on earth, with official girls of the month, giving special attention to those that the fans get behind – and that’s you (though unfortunately they don’t let you get behind them in the literal sense). But there is certainly a feel to this network that you are dealing with dedicated porn professionals, with a real sense of community and communication and all that they offer – and what they offer are things that, quite frankly, many don’t.

Girls and Video

These guys feature only the hottest babes – that is their claim and I think you will find it very hard to disagree. Not only do they have the hottest babes doing what they do best (and willingly with a smile on their face), but they feature them in specials, giving lots of extra photos, wallpapers and all sorts – they basically make a big song and dance about porn, but not just any porn, the hottest girls that YOU fancy!  They like their porn, but there is also plenty of it – and there is tons of exclusive video content here!  And yes, it is all full high definition.  As well as being H.D., it is also professionally shot stuff, well-lit, well-done (and did I mention with the hottest babes on the net?). But on top of that there are loads of extras, giving you interviews and behind the scenes footage of the shoots! Which really brings the porn to life and is that much closer to getting in there (though not close enough).


Their are a whole 9 Twistys sites, with extra bonus sites that they include with the package. There is a fair amount of variety across these, with titles like Busty Ones, When Girls Play, Twistys Hard – which are all quite self-explanatory. But then they also have special feature sites with Nicole Graves – a must see if you don’t know her – that gives you exclusive access to one of the hottest names in porn that you will not get anywhere else. Plus I always find these special sites for the girls is where you get the really good stuff – and you are getting it 100% exclusive.


This network has unlimited downloads, so no problem building up that filthy library with these guys and getting value for money. They offer many different formats, plus downloadable zips, so they really are catering for the masses here. Plus it is all iOS ready. In terms of tech and support, they really do push the boat out, so you can get your porn as and when you went it with no problems.


There is a two day trial for just $1, so you do get the chance to go and check it out for yourself.  If you decide to join, then a monthly membership with set you back $29.99, which is on the higher side of most, but they are also better than most.  However, if you choose to commit for one year, then you can get this for the equivalent of $9.99 a month, which is a decent price (especially for what you get for it).


If you are looking for niche, then this is not for you. However, if you just want the hottest porn stars around, shot in full high definition on professional shoots, then this is quite the package. It has lots of extras, and the behind the scenes and interview bits, plus with the added layer of social media where you can follow your favourite girls, there really is a lot there.  And there is a decent trial offer, so see for yourself.

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