Tainster Review

Tainster is something a little bit different in the way that the site works, but in what is inside it is pretty standard – if you expect that standard to be lots of hardcore H.D. porn!  The network claims that it is “for sinners by sinners”, and it doesn’t take long to look around to see that this is very true as they put their own special brand on filth.  With over 15 sites to choose from within the network you are likely to find something for you (or many different things), as long as you love purveyors of filth – cause this is what these guys do with pride. And as they have been operating since 1996, you can see that they really have a handle on what it is that real sinners want and do.


There are over 15 sites in this network, most with a penchant for the nasty! Expect lots of the sites to include fetish, piss, cum and food – or all of the above.  These guys have been going for a while and they have stayed ahead of the game by giving their audience what they want: hardcore porn!  Tainster network is not for the faint of heart (if any of these sites are), and if you are about hardcore fucking, squirting and cum, then this is going to be like a giant picnic for you.

Videos, cam, and girls

The network does full H.D. professional video only, and they have a taste for the nasty side of naughty.  They release scenes weekly and have a huge catalogue.  Their models are the most bad-ass bitches you’ll see on most sites and are up for anything (yes, anything). They also do full feature DVDs, and you are able to order the hard copy (excuse the pun) through their site.  And on top of all that they have tons of cam models waiting to do naughty things for your pleasure, with a host or archived live shows for you to peruse.

Tablets and phones

The sites works well on all platforms playing on phone and tablet and whatever you want, with a strong customer service attitude; so though there is no reason that you would have a problem with these guys, they are there to help you out if you experience the unexpected (and you most likely will experience the unexpected, just in a much more pleasurable way).


The network also hosts a lot of community forums, which is a nice central part of any site.  This means that you can enter discussions, but also influence the industry itself – when the sinners speak the sinners listen.  So aside from chatting to online friends with similar interests, you can also be heard.

Streaming, downloading, and prices

This site does work a little differently.  Rather than you standard fee and you go at it, you instead pay a monthly amount and are issued credits.  You can then make purchased with these credits – either rent or buy.  So basically you can rent access for a day or or a lifetime.  If for a lifetime then they you can either access this film through the site or you can download it.  It is a little different than most sites work, but they are producing a lot of great content with a good network, so they get away with it.  The prices start at $19.99 per month, with saving steps the longer you buy in for like most sites – $54.99 and $99.99.  And the more you buy the more you get in credits.


The site certainly is sin for the sinners by the sinners and is packed with lots and lots of bad girls doing very bad things.  With 15 sites to choose from there is something for everyone (though maybe not my nan).  The credit system is a little strange, but you are supporting some great porn and at least you get a say about stuff in the forums.

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