The Spizoo Network certain has taken an angle with their sites: the hottest porn stars on the net!  This is what they are looking to do and they are doing a bang up job.  There is nothing amateur about what these guys are doing.  They have set out to bring you the sexiest collection of babes that are out there, all shot in wide screen full H.D. – they are the luxury end of porn.  And they are not messing around, as well as having over 12 sites in their network they are also shooting all this porn themselves (Shooting tons of porn with the hottest dirtiest woman there are?  Tough job!).  But they are doing a good job and they know what is hot!


With over 12 sites in their network and more on the way, they are looking to corner a certain end of the market – luxury porn!  All the sites are high-end, meaning that they are the hottest woman, shot in the best light with the best gear, and with that touch of class.  But class does not mean weak, these girls are hot and up for action.  A few of the sites are showcases for certain stars they work for, like Jessica Jaymes, where you can see what she is up to…LIVE!  So as you can see they are not just shooting porn but making stars and bringing them right to you.

Girls and video

The videos are all shot full wide-screen in H.D. and with the professionalism you’d expect when you get there – you can see the hotness levels of each of those babes the second you land and you know that you are somewhere special.  These guys are the true connoisseurs of babes, promoting some of the top porn stars on the net through their network, shooting and distributing high-end porn, and you even get to see them perform in live shows!

Phone and downloads

The sites have been modified so that they work on your mobile and tablets, which should be standard but isn’t with many sites, and these guys catching up their members area not that long ago – but its all good now.  You can also download all these awesome films and store them up to build your own mega babe collection!  However, they keep on updating it, so you better get a monster hard drive or you will be left making some tough decisions.


The month by month payment starts at $29.95, which is a little higher than most.  You can get it cheaper with a 90 day bulk buy at $69.96, which is cheaper (obviously), but still a fair bit higher than many on the net.  However, the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.  And with this network/studio producing and promoting this top end luxury porn with the hottest porn stars around, well, then it may not seem so expensive after all.


This is high quality that aims to give you only the best.  Not only do they have some of the most famous faces (and tits, pussies and ass for that matter) in porn, but this is the type of network that discovers, films and promotes the new stars that are just round the corner. And if one of the girls that works with these guys is already your favourite, well then, unlimited access to her site (and some of her friends) to see what she is up to (LIVE) has got to be worth the ticket price itself.  And with unlimited download it is always easy to get value for money!  The only question with this is: are these the girls you want to watch?

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