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Forget the sites with boring porn videos

A man would need a lifetime to count every video in Reality Kings pack. Giving you the access to already huge base of videos, with 9000 plus girls, Reality Kings also gives you multiple daily updates, in case you are using some magical action to watch all the videos included in the pack. But even regardless of number of videos, I noticed this is not some usual XXX-site, where the only things that differ are girls and category. Various scene settings, extraordinary girls, and interesting stories behind like “Captain Stabbin Anal Adventures” or “Aqua Momma”, are just the opening of the Reality Kings porn universe. The only question is: are you ready to dive in the ocean of porn videos that gives a new perspective to banging?

Best coins ever spent

Maybe this will seem a bit more than usual monthly membership on porn sites, but once paid, this will be probably the best spent 7.95 $ in the life of a porn lover with big HD TV screen. XBIZ Nominee in 2013, Reality Kings offers loads of serious, tasteful porn videos, collection from 38 various porn sites. Membership for almost each of these sites separately costs more than a full Reality Kings package per year. You will not only get what you see at previews, you will get more than you can imagine just for a few bucks.

Redefine known

Reality Kings home page at first sight doesn’t offer the usual categories tab seen on ordinary porn sites. But it still keeps clear information about what you will get by entering into any of the featured sites, and gives you an interesting point of view in the description under previews. Alluring site names and descriptions are inviting you to spend hours here by promising you discovery of something new in already known territories, whether you are male or female. But if you find this approach a bit confusing, or you already know what you are looking for, you can head to the site map where all the sites, categories and top rated models are simply organized in plain lists. It is just impossible not to love this site.

Membership Price

2 Day Trial: $ 1,00
1 Month: $ 39,95 RK SPECIAL REVIEW PRICE: $ 17,99
3 Month: $ 16,66/Month SAVE 33%
12 Month: $ 7,99/Month SAVE 70%

Want to get involved?

One rare thing this site has is the casting opened for all those porn stars wannabe men. Reality Kings offers money making opportunity for the adult owners of 10“ or bigger cocks. So if you are one, and would enjoy to earn 1,500 $ for a weekend by banging hot girls, with travel and lodging costs covered- all you need is to email few pictures to the staff.

Enjoy several hundreds of naked, well- groomed women in magnificent action

I must admit I have never seen so much beautiful women on some porn site. This is like high class porn star fashion show. Just instead all those glitters and fancy dresses, they are posing showing you the generosity of Mother Nature in its full brilliance. The list of top rated models is, to put it mildly, huge, and I bet even the most inveterate porn fan can still be surprised. I also must admit, this is one of the rare places, where even male actors/models are good looking, which is more attractive to the eye of the beholder than some mediocre porn guy. So no matter how refined your taste is- you will wish you have more inches on your screen while roaming around Reality Kings.


Excellent choice for the finest porn collection

From technical side, there are minor things I would change, like placing a bigger search bar, and making the site map link a bit visible. But you will do more than fine just as it is. There are plenty of things here that will ocuppy your mind here, so you probably won’t notice anything is wrong about this site. As a matter of fact, you will probably forget all around you once you log in as a member. Reality Kings authors are surely not exaggerating much when they say they are „Worlds Best Real Porn Site“. If it isn’t the best, it surely is one the best porn havens out there.

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