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This is another of the top end sites that makes sure they affiliate themselves with only the stars of pornography. They have a list of studios that they work with, all known names in the industry, and all the content they have is well-lit, professionally shot, full H.D. porn with some of the hottest and best known girls in the business.  It holds a fair amount of content as well, and the site itself is run very well, with all the support and bits that you’d want.  And aside from tons and tons of scenes they also have a long list of features that you can choose from – again from the top end of the porn pile.  This site is really for those that want the cream of the porn world, the big names and the big studios.  With this you get a guarantee of quality that many sites will not offer.

Quality and content

These guys are really looking to make themselves the A-list of porn sites by dealing with only the red carpet of filth. The studios the are working with include names like Rocco Siffredi and Tara Patrick – well known people in the business (and Tara is just the top end of men’s fantasies no matter who you are).  You can look through the site via the models, which is always good if you have a favourite and want to see them in as many situations and positions as possible (I cant get enough of Tara). And everything is always full H.D. There are also tons of premium feature DVDs that you can choose from with all the newest releases that the professional porn world has to offer – no amateur stuff in here (though that could be a negative for some who like it raw).

Tech and service

Unfortunately this is not a download site, so there is no building up that home collection (or maybe just your emergency porn for when the connection goes down). They do however have a good streaming service and offer unlimited views of all their content, and there is a fair amount of it and its all top shelf (literally and figuratively). This site also isn’t built for cross-platforms, so though it will work on your phone or tablet, they haven’t specially adapted it for special functionality – which is a shame. They do offer proper customer service though, with 24 hours support through email, phone and even live chat. This is of course always reassuring that you are actually dealing with professionals.


These guys make a lot of big claims about lots of super high content with the hottest woman and the best shoots, but they also put their money where their mouth is by offering a trial membership offer. For just £2.95 you can get three days membership to see for yourself, so this takes the risk out of big commitments if you want t look through yourself. The monthly fee is £19.95, which is on the nicer side of standard for a site like this, but it comes way down if you sign up for a year at £62.95 – which works out to be just over £5 a month, which is very cheap for any site offering this level of filth for all.


If you are the type that wants the top models, the top studios and the top shoots, then this is the place for you (especially if you’ve got a thing for Tara). They are professionally run with lots of content and if you sign up for a year then they are really competitive with their prices. All round this is a very good site.

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