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Digital Playground review

This is definitely one of those sites that go the extra mile. They give quality, quantity, and variety, with extras and specials, stores and everything you would really want. It gives it that special feel, where there is so much exclusive stuff that you won’t get with the bulk buy networks that give quantity and quality, but stop there. You are really looking at a site with the hottest porn stars in the world, a lot of them, and they come in all the ways you’d want, with that community feel where you are taking part in the site with all the extras, rather than just getting access to the porn (though you get that access as well, of course).


You get the hottest babes on this site, and just a quick look around will show you that, they are amazing. But they are also professionals, the dirtiest and sexiest – everything you really want from a porn model that calls themselves a star. Plus there are more than 850 of them. And you can search by girl, so go and find your favourite (or long list of favourites) and you can see them in as many scenes and compromising positions as possible. Plus with the social media presence of these guys, you really get to feel like you know the girls (though maybe not as much as you really want to).


These are the best pornos you are likely to find on the net. All high definition, but not only that, they are the top end of porn, with professional shoots and that real finish that makes the girls look simply amazing. And its not just that they are great videos, but there are also a lot of them. There are over 1300 bonus DVDs for members of full feature glory with the most amazing porno stars that you can find, plus over 2700 scenes for you to quickly flick between. But you know you are onto something special when you see the new, original DP series that you get access to – cause you know you are dealing with innovation straight from the horses mouth. And if high definition is your thing, these guys are also offering Blu-ray quality – now this is something many do not do. On top of this there are also loads of yummy extras, like interviews from the babes, behind the scenes footage – it really is the full experience of porn. All of this with a full amount of niches, tastes and not a little taboo.

Tech and Chat

You would want a bit more from the downloads, but then they do update daily, so there is no need to worry. Plus there is live chat – yes that’s right, you can talk to the porn stars! This really is the future and you get so many extras that you can almost step into the nasty world of these babes (if only you could touch them as well). And all this comes with 24 hour support – a really professional outfit across the board.


Good news, there is a trial, three days at £4.95, so feel free to check it out yourself.  If you join you are looking at £29.99 a month, which is definitely the higher end of the market (but they are pretty good). However, if this is what you are looking for (and for many it is), then this can come all the way down to £10 a month with the yearly option (and that is good value for money).


This is simply a quality site with all the extras that set them aside from the others. They not only offer quality, but feature length quality, and they have the hottest babes around. Plus with the trial it really take little to see for yourself.

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