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DDf network review

This is a rich network indeed, one that really gives the feel of a professionalism that is lacking in many of the other options.  A European network, with lots of hot Europe based hot starlets, the sites you get access to are certain packed full with sexiest and most willing porn models that the continent – if not the world – has to offer. Overall, it has to be said that you will feel at home with these guys – lots of content, original scenes and ideas, and just plain lovely filth.  However, in terms of niche, though these guys supply quality and variety, you may need to somewhere else if you are looking for a very particular flavour.

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Girls, Video and Cam

The girls in this network are all top notch – hot, willing, and have all the assets that you probably want from a porn star.  They have over 2000 babes across the network, so there is bound to be plenty of girls that rock your boat in here, from the new fresh faces, to the more experienced. Plus you can search by girls as well, meaning that you can see your favourites in all the different scenes and positions that you could want.  The videos on here are also top notch – full high definition, attention to detail, well-shot and often imaginative.  Plus they have that extra professional feel, the videos and scenes given covers, that really feel like there is a stamp of approval. And with over 12000 videos, there is no doubt to whether there is enough content for you here.  On top of all of that, there are also cams and live sex shows, which really gives that extra in terms of value – maybe you will even find a few of your favourite porn stars doing those bad things live! Either way, this is hot and sexy stuff, with dirty gorgeous girls in top notch videos, cam and live sex shows.


This network give you access to a full 16 sites, which is a fair amount of bang for your buck. But as well as having a lot of sites, as many do, there are lots of interesting sites in the collection, rather than just genre separated sites for the illusion of bulk. For instance you have DDF Live Sex, which gives you live sex shows with your favourite porn stars – which is awesome! Then you have sites like House of Taboo, giving you that something different. You also have sites for porn stars, one being Cherry Jul, where you can focus on one babe and her doings. But there are also more innovative sites like Interactive Porn, which gives the role play reality concept to video porn – which is something you don’t see very often.  Plus on top of all this you will then have a nice selection type and tastes, so you really can find something for your mood.


Not only is there a lot of porn, but it gets updated four times daily, so there is no worry when it comes to running out (as if you were worried). There is no much joy in the way of downloads, but they have good streaming speeds and it works okay on a variety of platforms.


Great news – There will be soon a trial membership! Monthly is a little pricey though, at $44.99, but then they do offer a lot. But this comes right down to the equivalent of $12.49 if you sign up for a year, which is a very fair price for all that they offer.


All in all this is a very professional network with lot of interesting sites, cams, live shows, with a whole heap of content. And what is best is that you can check it out for free! So if its not your thing there really is no risk at all.

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