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Depending on which part of the World you are living at, we would like to say good morning, good day, good afternoon or good evening to you! In case you are just visiting this page as the last thing to do today, then good night! But, first we would like to introduce ourselves. We are the ever-growing team of bestporn.net, doing our best to make you happy and give you the latest news and information on adult entertainment-related websites.
Greetings from the bestporn.net team, here to bring you the very latest reviews on all of the greatest (and some not so great) adult entertainment websites available on the internet today. Through exhaustive research and long hours of arduous labor our team of reviewers has compiled a list of some of the best porn sites out there, and would love to point you to some of the best available. After all, when spending your money on pornography, don’t you want to be sure you are spending it on the best?

About our team

This merry group of people have males and females, straight and homosexuals too, and we even have guys who like to watch trannies in action. Cute boys, sexy girls and the gorgeous trannies make us happy, and by watching their videos we hit two birds at once: we become happy, and we can grant you info about the content of the tested sites. Everyone here has a field to work at: our writers put together information the rest of us gather, and they are responsible for shaping our reviews to be handsome, and easy to understand and to follow. The surfers, search-experts and analyzers here make the data collection part: they analyze rankings, domains, they use similar methods as the search engines.

We have a civilian line too, they are the testing crowd. These guys and girls come from different jobs, but they are all tried-out experts of their own fields… and in testing adult sites. When we get the pass from the sites’ webmasters, they are those who log in, and start surfing as an average surfer would do. They open the videos, try to download them, and they browse the pictures… they literally click on everything. We have a man for checking the site’s reputation among the surfers, so he/she checks the comments, blogs and other review sites to see how the chosen site is doing.

During our investigation we always double and triple check our findings. We are not just testers, but we are also good in analyzing details, this way making our opinion always true and established. There is no doubt, we are human, so we may be wrong, but if you don’t agree with any of our statements, we are open for suggestions and we can discuss.
With bestporn.net you get nothing but raw and truthful reviews from our team on the best pay porn sites. Many of the reviews on other sites are outdated and seem to stretch the truth. After all, a lot can change in a matter of two years, particularly on the internet when change is lightning quick. That two year old review you read could absolutely not reflect on the reality of the site you’re interested in. For instance, what if they stop updating regularly? It would be an absolute waste for you to spend 100+ dollars on a yearly membership only to run out of content! This is why we at bestporn.net recognized that discerning consumers of adult entertainment need and deserve accurate, up-to-date information about what kind of content is really out there.

Many sites which publish porn site reviews don’t talk about the way they make money from it. Its greed or just misleading, we don’t know. But during our tests, we also inspect the affiliate programs of these companies. It’s part of the user experience: if a site has a bad reputation among affiliates and there are too many shady elements we notice, we usually leave that portal. So, we check literally every way an adult site has to be checked.

The criteria we use to review porn websites

Our team represents the average Internet users of the 20-45 years range, so we have here folks who saw the heroic age of porn, but we also have the generation of the late 80’s and 90’s among us who grew up during the decades where the Internet became part of the everyday life. These were also the years when porn became a money-making powerhouse and the studios started to ride the opportunities the Internet provided.

The freedom the Web brought, changed the adult industry, and with these changes, sites like ours became a necessity. With so many scams, cheaters and cyber-robbers out there it’s our job to make sure you don’t lose your money for nothing, and you get everything you want for it. But in difference with other reviewers we don’t do if for the money. This is why you can’t find some sites in here: they don’t offer good content, they are expensive. Why should we make you join sites that don’t deserve any credit? Moreover, we dedicate our time to help you save on your wages: we have so good standing, the many sites offer us better prices than to anyone else!

So take some time and browse through our reviews, and let us know what you think! Be a smart consumer and rely upon our proven knowledge and excellence in the field to help assist you in making the correct choice today. After all, we know the pain first hand of being tricked by advertising into wasting money on a dud of a porn site, so if we can save you the pain of making that same mistake then it is well and truly our pleasure to do so. In case you happen to have queries, problems or you would like to share your opinion with us, you should message us, and we are guaranteed to respond soon!

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